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Lot 304: Schinnerer, Adolf

Est: €0 EUR - €0 EURPassed
Kunst & Auktionshaus Ruef OHGSeptember 26, 2020Landshut, Germany

Item Overview


"Ulla in the garden". Oil / canvas 96.5 x 68 cm. Signed, dated 2 (1?). Titled on the reverse. Ursula was the daughter of his first marriage with Emma from Karlsruhe, whom he married in 1904.

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Auction Details

Autumn Auction 2020

Kunst & Auktionshaus Ruef OHG
September 26, 2020, 10:00 AM CET

Dreifaltigkeitsplatz 175, Landshut, 84028, DE


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Auction conditions of the Kunst & Auktionshauses Ruef OHG:
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11. The auction item will be stored by Ruef between the successful bid and the transfer to storage. Ruef accepts no liability for damage to the auction item which occurs during this time. This does not apply if the storage, either through gross negligence or deliberately, did not meet the standard of care of a prudent businessman or if the damage was caused by Ruef's people, either deliberately or through gross negligence.

12. If the successful bidder does not pay what is due from the successful bid or sale, Ruef is entitled to enforce the claim against the successful bidder, including all ancillary cost, in its own name, both in and out of court. However, Ruef can, in its own discretion, give the seller the successful bidder's name and address, so that they are in a position to claim the part of the price due to them, in court. Ruef can assign its right to payment of the premium to the seller or enforce it itself.

13. The seller warrants that all statements made by him about the items entered into the auction, are correct. Ruef excludes all liability for the accuracy of statements about dating, attribution and provenance, unless, for Ruef, the inaccuracy was immediately recognizable or clearly doubtful.
Place of performance is Landshut. German law is applicable. The United Nations law governing the
1. international sale of goods (CISG) is not part of this agreement.
2. Landshut is agreed to be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for a contract with
- a seller/purchaser who is a merchant in the sense of the commercial law,
- a seller/purchaser who has no general domestic place of jurisdiction;
- a seller/purchaser who moves his domicile or usual place of residence abroad after completing the contract or whose place of residence is unknown
These conditions apply not only to a sale in the auction but also, in the same way, to the subsequent sale or free sale.

Shipping Terms

Shipping is at the buyers expense. We recommend MAIL-BOXES
Jütten Business Service e.K.; Industriestraße 13, 84030 Ergolding, Phone: +49 871 - 97 48 67 61; Email: [email protected]; Web: www.mbe-ergolding.de

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