Lot 839: Sections of handscrolls from Honen Shonin Gyojo Ezu (Illustrated Deeds


October 27, 2016
Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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Description: Sections of handscrolls from Honen Shonin Gyojo Ezu
(Illustrated Deeds of Honen) mounted as a hanging scroll, ink, colour and gold on paper, silk brocade mount 15th-16th Century

The sections mounted include the following chapters:

Volume 25, scene 3, Vision of the golden Amida in Renshitsubo on the 49th day anniverary of the re-birth in the Pure Island of Yajiro of Musashi no kuni
Volume 26, scene 4, the regent Hojo Tokiyori attains enlightenment through Honen's teachings
Volume 26, scene 1, Unusual enlightenment of Amakasu Taro Tadatsuna on the battlefield
Volume 26, scene 3, Sonoda Taro Narlie (Kujo Kanezane) through the teachings of Honen, becomes a monk and is enlightened to the amazement of onlookers, and Saimyoji Zenmon dressed in kesa and monk's robes, hangs a painting of the Amida on the west wall of the temple
Volume 27, scene 5, People gather to hear Kumagai Naozane intoning the name of Amida and the teachings of Honen
Volume 26, scene 3, Tsukiwa no Zenjo shows Honen the writings on the miracle of Renshobo's re-birth in Pure Land and 10 others including: Volume 23, scene 1, Volume 24, scene 1, Volume 25, scene 2, Volume 24, scene 5, Volume 25, scene 1, Volume 26, scene 2, Volume 27, scene 2, Volume 27, scene 4, Volume 28, scene 1

Notes: The set of 48 scrolls called Honen Shonin Gyojo Ezu describes the origin of the Jodo sect of Buddhism, known in the west as Pure Land Buddhism, Honen's life and his relationship to the Chion-in temple. The original was painted in the Kamakura Period
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October 27, 2016, 11:00 AM BST

Cheltenham, United Kingdom