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Daoji (1642 - 1707)

Lot 1148: SHITAO (1642-1707)


November 28, 2005
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Album of twelve leaves, ink on paper
Each leaf measures 25.4 x 35 cm (10 x 13 ? in.)
Each leaf inscribed by the artist
Seventh leaf signed by the artist: Qingxiang Dadizi, and dated wuyin year (1698)
Each leaf with one to two seals of the artist, including: Ban Ge Han, Ya Chang, Yue Shan, Geng Xin Cao Tang, Dun Gen, Xiao Cheng Ke, De Yi Ren Zhi Ji Wu han
Each leaf with two to three collectors' seals, including seven of Mo Youzhi (1811-1871), and two of Mo Shengsun (19th-20th century, son of Mo Youzhi)
Titleslip by Chen Xifan (19th-20th century)

1. For brief biography of Mo Youzhi, see Zhongguo Meishujia Reming Cidian, Shanghai Renmin Meishu Chubanshe, 1981, p. 932. Mo Shengsun is his second son, and served in the Chinese Embassy in Russia and France. He compiled Song Yuan Jiuben Jingyan lu (Manuscripts from the Song and Yuan) based on what his father had in his collection.
2. Chen Xifan, sobriquet name Kanghou, was a native of Yangzhou. He was a well known calligrapher of the Republic.



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