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Daoji (1642 - 1707)

Lot 1790: SHITAO (1642-1707)


December 2, 2008
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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SHITAO (1642-1707)
Plum Blossoms and Bamboo
Hanging scroll, ink on paper
128.4 x 46 cm. (50 1/2 x 18 1/8 in.)
Inscribed with a long poem and signed by the artist
Five seals of the artist
Dated gengchen year (1700)
Dedicated to Kuang Zhai (Min Changhong)
Nine collectors' seals, including one of Wang Shiyuan (?-1921), two of Jing Qirui (19th Century), two of He Guanwu (19th-20th Century) and one of Wang Jiqian (C.C. Wang 1907-2003)


Omura Seigai, Chugoku miega shu ("Collection of Famous Chinese Paintings"), Tokao: Rubunsho Kyoku, 1945, Vol. 7
Hay, Jonathan. Shitao: Painting and Modernity in Early Qing China. London: Cambridge University Press, 2001, p. 355, note 9.


US$451,700 - 580,700

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