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Daoji (1642 - 1707)

Lot 576: SHITAO (1642-1707)


May 28, 2010
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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SHITAO (1642-1707)
Landscapes Inspired by Du Fu's Poetic Sensibilities
Album of eight leaves, ink and colour on paper
Each leaf measures 38.6 x 26.7 cm. (15 1/4 x 10 1/2 in.)
Each leaf inscribed with a poem and signed, with one seal of the artist
Frontispiece by Huang Xuepi (?-1840), dated twentieth year of the Jiaqing era (1815), with one seal
Titleslip by Gao Yong (1850-1921), dated xinmao year of the Guangxu era (1891), with one seal


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Landscape Paintings by Shitao in the collection of Tai Shan Can Shi Lou, Volume III, Shiling Press House, China, 1929.
Collection of Chinese Paintings, Guang Ling Press House, Taipei, 1935, p.2270-2272 (4 leaves out of 8).
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A Highly Important Chinese Classical Painting
from a private collector

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