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George (1720) Chalmers (1720 - 1791)

Lot 131: Sir George Chalmers, Bt.


June 15, 2000
New York, NY, US

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c.1720-1791 self-portrait half length, wearing a red coat and a baronet's badge, holding an album of watercolours and porte crayon oil on canvas 74.5 by 62.5 cm., 29 1/2 by 24 1/2 in. Sir George Chalmers was born in Edinburgh and started his career as a heraldic painter. He studied under Ramsay and travelled to Italy in 1751, possibly on account of his Jacobite sympathies. In 1760 he settled in Edinburgh and in about 1764 inherited the baronetcy of Chalmers of Cults. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1775 to 1790. Exhibited: Possibly Royal Academy, 1784, no.49.

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