Lot 852: SOLD

Stephan Welz & Co

October 19, 2016
Alphen Drive, South Africa

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Description: SOLD
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Stephan Welz & Co
October 19, 2016, 10:00 AM CAT

Alphen Drive, South Africa

Buyer's Premium
R0 - 10,000: 22.0%
R10,001+: 19.0%
From: To: Increment:
R0 R199 R10
R200 R219 R20
R220 R279 R30
R280 R319 R20
R320 R379 R30
R380 R419 R20
R420 R479 R30
R480 R499 R20
R500 R999 R50
R1,000 R1,999 R100
R2,000 R2,199 R200
R2,200 R2,799 R300
R2,800 R3,199 R200
R3,200 R3,799 R300
R3,800 R4,199 R200
R4,200 R4,799 R300
R4,800 R4,999 R200
R5,000 R9,999 R500
R10,000 R19,999 R1,000
R20,000 R21,999 R2,000
R22,000 R27,999 R3,000
R28,000 R31,999 R2,000
R32,000 R37,999 R3,000
R38,000 R41,999 R2,000
R42,000 R47,999 R3,000
R48,000 R49,999 R2,000
R50,000 R99,999 R5,000
R100,000 R199,999 R10,000
R200,000 R219,999 R20,000
R220,000 R279,999 R30,000
R280,000 R319,999 R20,000
R320,000 R379,999 R30,000
R380,000 R419,999 R20,000
R420,000 R479,999 R30,000
R480,000 R499,999 R20,000
R500,000 R999,999 R50,000
R1,000,000+ R100,000
Shipping Terms: Please contact Stephan Welz for shipping information.
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