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Sudjono Abdullah (1911 - 1991)

Lot 17: SUDJONO ABDULLAH (1911-1991) Harvest 59 x 115 cm


October 6, 2020
Admiralty, Hong Kong

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Sudjono Abdullah (1911-1991)

oil on canvas

59 by 115 cm.
23 2/8 by 45 2/8 in.
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Artist or Maker

Sudjono Abdullah (1911-1991)

Condition Report

Paint layer in very good condition. Surface accretions accumulated on the paint layer over time. Minor surface abrasions, and two 'drip' stains near the signature on the bottom left of the painting that do not affect the overall image. Age-related wear to the back of the frame. Examination under UV light reveals no signs of retouching.


Dr Charles Chai Soon Toh, renowned Singaporean Cardiologist

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Raden Sudjono Abdullah (1911-1993) was born in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java. His father, Abdullah Suriosubroto (1878-1942), was a landscape artist and first trained him in romantic realism in the Barbizon school. He later studied art and graduated from Hollandsche-Inlandsche School.  
Abdullah became famous for his genre scenes of Javanese life and culture, and romanticized landscapes around his home. While at a glance, his art appears to hark back to that of the colonial-style, Mooi Indie or Beautiful Indies, his connection and love for his motherland evident in his artistic lens.

In  Harvest, the artist's confidence and freedom come across in the brushstroke, punctuated with ethereal, wispy clouds. Larger in the foreground, then slowly diminishing midway through the pictorial space are lyrical figures, loosely knit yet held together by sweeping rhythms that bind the land, mountain, sky, and harvesters together.


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