Takashi Murakami (b. 1962)

Lot 446: Takashi Murakami , B. 1962 Vapor Trail acrylic on canvas mounted on panel


November 15, 2007
New York, NY, US

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Description: signed, dated '04 , stamped and inscribed by the studio artists on the reverse acrylic on canvas mounted on panel
Dimensions: 39 1/2 by 39 1/2 by 2 in. 100.3 by 100.3 by 5.1 cm.
Provenance: Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Acquired by the present owner from the above
Notes: At the beginning, to be frank, I didn't like flowers, but drawing them more often my feelings changed: their smell, their shape - it all made me feel almost physically sick, and at the same time I found them very "cute." Each one seemed to have its own feeling, its own personality. My dominant feeling was one of unease, but I liked that sensation. And these days, now that I draw flowers frequently, that sensation has come back vividly. I find them just as pretty, just as disturbing. At the same time there is this strength in them; it is the same image of strength I find when drawing the human face. So I thought that if the opportunity arose, I would very much like to make a work in which I would represent them as if in a "crowd scene," in the manner of those scenes of of moving crowds that you see in films. I really wanted to convey this impression of unease, of the threatening aspect of an approaching crowd. Takashi Murakami (Takashi Murakami, Exh. Cat., Foundation Cartier, Paris, 2002, n.p.)
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November 15, 2007, 12:00 PM EST

New York, NY, US