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Nicolaes Maes (1634 - 1693)

Lot 80: The Spanish gypsy


April 19, 2007
New York, NY, US

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Nicolaes Maes Dordrecht 1634-1693 Amsterdam The Spanish gypsy with signature 'Rembrandt' (lower center) oil on canvas 52 3/8 x 43 5/8 in. 133 x 110.8 cm.

Artist or Maker

Nicolaes Maes Dordrecht 1634-1693 Amsterdam


London, British Institution, 1824, no. 119, as 'Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rhijn,
The Spanish Gipsy
' lent by Lord Charles Townshend.
London, Matthiesen Gallery,
Rembrandt's Influence
, 20 February-2 April 1973, no. 49, as 'Nicolaes Maes'.
The Hague, Mauritshuis,
Terugzien in bewondering: a collector's choice
, 1982, no. 53, as 'Nicolaes Maes'.
Notre Dame, Indiana, Snite Museum of Art,
Selections of XVII and XVIII century Dutch art from the collection of Dr. A.C.R. Dreesmann
, 17 October-16 December 1982, no. 8, as 'Nicolaes Maes'.
The Hague, Hoogsteder,
Exhibition of Rembrandt's Academy
, 4 February-2 May 1992, no. 30.
Amsterdam, Gebr. Douwes,
Old Master Paintings until 1805, Gebr. Douwes Fine Art 1805-1995, Katalog zur Verkaufsausstellung anlässlich des 190jädhrigen Firmenbestehens
, 27 November 1995-3 January 1996, no. 27, as 'Nicolaes Maes'.


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