Lot 124: Thirty-two books on Oceanic art

Turner Auctions and Appraisals LLC

November 13, 2016
South San Francisco, CA, US

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Description: Asmat Art - Woodcarvings of Southwest New Guinea, 1993, Dirk A.M. Smidt, editor; Art of Northwest New Guinea, 1992, Suzanne Greub; The Art of the West Sepik, 2008, Michael Hamson; The Elegance of Menace - Aesthetics of New Guinea Art, 2005, Michael Hamson; Art of New Guinea - Sepik, Maprik and Highlands (two copies), 1967, Adrian A. Gerbrands, Philip L. Newman and George C. Kennedy; The Art of the Sepik River, 1971, Allen Wardwell; We Shout to Make It Silent... - Tribal Art from Papua New Guinea's Sepik River Valley, 2003, Marc Assayag, guest curator; New Guinea Art - the Bruce Lawes Collection, 1976, Bruce D. Lawes; Art Styles of the Papuan Gulf (two copies) 1961, Douglas Newton; Assemblage of Spirits - Idea and Image in New Ireland, 1987, Louise Lincoln; Melanesien - Schwarze Inseln der Sudsee, 1971, Waldemar Stohr; Ozeanische Kunst - Meisterwerke aus dem Museum fur Volkerkunde Basel, 1980, Christian Kaufmann; Ritual Arts of the South Seas, 1975, Lee A. Parsons; Island Ancestors - Oceanic Art from the Masco Collection, 1994, Allen Wardwell; Art and Life in Polynesia, 1973, Terence Barrow; Art of the Pacific, 1980, David Simmons and James McNeish; Oceanic Art (two copies), 1954, Herbert Tischner; Exploring the Visual Art of Oceania, 1979, Sydney M. Mead, editor; The Art of the South Sea Islands, 1968, Alfred Buehler, Terry Barrow, and Charles P. Mountford; Art of the South Pacific Islands, 1953, Paul S. Wingert; Arts de l'Oceanie, 1948, Maurice Leenhardt; Pacific Cultures (two copies), 1939, Langdon Warner et al; Oceanic Mythology, 1967, Roslyn Poignant; Oceanic Art, 1970, Alberto Cesare Ambesi; Arts and Crafts of Hawaii - Clothing, volume V, 1964, Peter H. Buck; A Handbook for Visitors to the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History, 1903, William T. Brigham; An Illustrated Guide to Maori Art, 1984, Terence Barrow; Maori paintings by Gottfried Lindauer, 1965, J.C. Graham, editor
Provenance: Turner Auctions + Appraisals is pleased to offer the library and selected artifacts from the personal collection of Jim Haas, the noted, long-time specialist in Native American and Ethnographic Arts, who recently retired from Bonhams after 31 years with the company and its predecessor.  The sale also includes property from a major Southwest museum and estates of two long-time collectors:  the Furgatch Collection features contemporary Southwest pottery; the Nancy Florsheim Estate, Part 2, offers contemporary and prehistoric pottery and Southwest jewelry.  
Notes: “Please note that the various books, catalogues, and periodicals included in this lot are from a working reference library dealing with African, Oceanic, Southeast Asian tribal art, pre-Columbian art, Oriental rugs, fine art and photography. I used them during my professional career and as a private collector who bought and sold at auction. The variety here represents decades of searching out the literature that best enabled me to perform my duties as an auction house appraiser and cataloguer while keeping abreast of pricing and the current market demand. That said, potential bidders should be aware that in general, the various volumes are in good, serviceable condition. Some are excellent, others are poor. For a condition report on specific titles, please contact Turner Auctions and Appraisals.”
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