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Thomas Blanchet (1614 - 1689)

Lot 260: Thomas Blanchet Paris 1614 - 1689 Lyon an italianate


December 6, 1995
New York, NY, US

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landscape with figures resting near a fountain Oil on canvas 73 by 93.5 cm.; 28 3/4 by 36 3/4 in. Provenance: Pietro Paolo Avila, Rome. Literature: Inventario delle robbe... del sigr Pietro Paolo Avila... Rome, Archivio di Stato, Not. Trib. dell'A.C. Pollius Bernardus, vol. 3873, folios 619-621. L. Galacteros-de-Boissier, Thomas Blanchet, 1991, p. 373, nos. P174-177, under lost paintings, and as part of a set of four.

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