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Lot 157: TIFFANY & CO. Diamond ring set in platinum

Finale Auctions

October 14, 2018
Makati City, Philippines

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The quiet elegance of the 0.65-carat G-colored European-cut VVS1 diamond is heightened by a classic Tiffany setting. Accented by fourteen pavé diamonds set in a platinum 950 band.

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Watches & Jewelry

Finale Auctions
October 14, 2018, 2:00 PM PHT

Makati City, Philippines

Buyer's Premium


From: To: Increment:
PHP0 PHP9,999 PHP1,000
PHP10,000 PHP19,999 PHP1,000
PHP20,000 PHP31,999 PHP2,000
PHP32,000 PHP37,999 PHP3,000
PHP38,000 PHP41,999 PHP2,000
PHP42,000 PHP47,999 PHP3,000
PHP48,000 PHP49,999 PHP2,000
PHP50,000 PHP54,999 PHP5,000
PHP55,000 PHP99,999 PHP5,000
PHP100,000 PHP199,999 PHP10,000
PHP200,000 PHP319,999 PHP20,000
PHP320,000 PHP379,999 PHP30,000
PHP380,000 PHP419,999 PHP20,000
PHP420,000 PHP479,999 PHP30,000
PHP480,000 PHP499,999 PHP20,000
PHP500,000 PHP549,999 PHP50,000
PHP550,000 PHP999,999 PHP50,000
PHP1,000,000 PHP1,999,999 PHP100,000
PHP2,000,000 PHP3,199,999 PHP200,000
PHP3,200,000 PHP3,799,999 PHP300,000
PHP3,800,000 PHP4,199,999 PHP200,000
PHP4,200,000 PHP4,799,999 PHP300,000
PHP4,800,000 PHP4,999,999 PHP200,000
PHP5,000,000 PHP5,499,999 PHP500,000
PHP5,500,000 PHP9,999,999 PHP500,000
PHP10,000,000 PHP19,999,999 PHP1,000,000
PHP20,000,000 PHP31,999,999 PHP2,000,000
PHP32,000,000 PHP37,999,999 PHP3,000,000
PHP38,000,000 PHP41,999,999 PHP2,000,000
PHP42,000,000 PHP47,999,999 PHP3,000,000
PHP48,000,000 PHP49,999,999 PHP2,000,000
PHP50,000,000 PHP54,999,999 PHP5,000,000
PHP55,000,000+ PHP10,000,000

Extended Bidding

5 minutes/bid

General Information


To participate in the auction, prospective bidders should complete and sign the Bid Registration Form in order to be assigned a paddle number. Forms are available at the Finale or can be downloaded from www.finaleartfile.

Should you wish to bid via phone, please indicate which lots you are bidding for in the Form. Finale Auctions will call you to confirm your bids on the day of the auction. Should you choose to leave an absentee bid, please indicate which lots you are bidding for and the maximum amount that you wish to bid for each item.

All bidders will be assigned a paddle number.


Public auction will start promptly on the date and time announced.

The auction proper will be conducted by an auctioneer, who will be accepting bids for the lots. The auctioneer may vary bidding increments during the course of the auction at his own discretion. The lot will be awarded by the auctioneer to the highest bidder provided that the reserve price of the seller is met. The winning bidder will be given a confirmation form to sign and is legally liable to purchase the lot at the winning bid accepted by the auctioneer ("hammer price") and pay for the buyer's premium.

The fall of the auctioneer's hammer indicates the final bid, at which time, the buyer assumes full responsibility for the lot. The hammer price does not include the 12% Value Added Tax.


Lots are sold at an "as is" basis. Buyers are encouraged to view the items and inspect the lots prior to the sale to satisfy themselves of the accuracy of descriptions and condition of items may not be specified in the catalogue. Condition reports may be requested for lots prior to the auction. It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect any lots he or she may be interested in.

Finale Auctions does not guarantee the conditions of items. Any information given by Finale Auctions are statements of opinion and may be based on representations from the seller.


Payment must be made within (5) five working days after the auction. The buyer may not take possession of the lot until payment for the item has been made in cleared funds. Payment by cash or manager's check will enable immediate release of the purchase lot, while check payments will require clearing before items can be released. Credit cards are not accepted. All payments should be made in Philippine Pesos.

Shipping Terms

Buyers will cover cost of shipping.

Buyer's Premium

A buyer's premium of 15% of the hammer price is charged by the auction house. A 12% Value Added Tax is charged on the buyer's premium for a total of 16.8%.