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Tom Feelings (1933 - 2003)

Lot 16: Tom FEELINGS (1933 - 2003). Buxton People Stop

Bloomsbury Auctions

December 9, 2009
New York, NY, US

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Tom FEELINGS (1933 - 2003). Buxton People Stop Train. Charcoal, pencil, tissue, watercolor and wash drawing (240 x 375 mm). Signed lower right. Framed. [With:] A framed copy of the finished poster. feelings landmark image made for the people of guyana. Recruited by the government to Guyana in 1972-73 on a children's book initiative and to educate illustrators, Feelings took on the challenge of depicting the famous true story about the people of Buxton. An impoverished town, populated by people of African descent in the post-slavery period, the citizens of Buxton took to the streets, stopping a train carrying the British Colonial Governor, and airing their grievances. The story has become a legend attesting to the strong determination of the people of Guyana. Feelings, limited to printing the poster of this image on a two-color press, was forced to improvise and experiment in order to properly capture the emotion of the piece. He wrote. I rediscovered the lesson of improvising within a restrictive form. When you have no elaborate materials or techniques or machinery to work with, the artwork can speak simply from the power of its basic inspiration. In Guyana we learned how to do more - with less. I brought this information when I returned to America.

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