James D. Julia

October 9, 2007
Fairfield, ME, US

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Description: ULTRA-RARE COLT PINCH FRAME SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER.SN 58. Cal. 45 Colt. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of the single action collector, this rare revolver has 7-7/16" bbl with reattached or replaced German silver front sight and script address with serifs. It has 2-line patent dates on frame with top strap having the rare "pinched" sight groove which was eliminated at about serial number 100 in favor of the open groove with sight at rear end, which has lasted throughout remainder of production. It has first type ejector rod housing with bulls eye ejector rod head and early base pin with dimpled ends and a long checkered hammer spur with border and what is probably its orig hammer spring without roller groove. Fitted with 1-pc walnut grip. All visible parts have serial number "58" including bottom of bbl. Serial number on cylinder is on face between two of chambers near cylinder bushing hole. Number in backstrap channel of grip is very faint and only visible when held at exactly the right angle in proper light and even then it is uncertain. Accompanied by a Colt factory letter for single action serial number "51" which also lists this revolver in a shipment of nine guns on Sept. 2, 1873 to Schuyler, Hartley & Graham. This was the very first commercial shipment of Colt single action revolvers. CONDITION: Good.  Strong orig blue remains only under ejector rod housing with traces around bbl root and other extremely well protected areas with all exposed surfaces a dark plum brown patina with light to moderate pitting around muzzle with a few scattered spots on cylinder and another on backstrap.  Grip has chipped toes with nicks & scratches & shows heavy wear with a hand worn patina.  One backstrap screw is missing and hammer screw has a flat head.  Altogether a fine orig pinch frame suitable for anyone's collection. 4-32911 JR207
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