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Lot 2351: von Hörmann Theodor

Est: CHF 4,000 - CHF 5,000Passed
Auktionshaus ZofingenApril 17, 2021Zofingen, Switzerland

Item Overview


von Hörmann Theodor
1840 - Imst - 1895 Graz
Sommeridyll am Bach". Oel auf Leinwand. Unten rechts signiert. Gerahmt. Bildmasse 22.5 cm x 31 cm

Artist or Maker

Payment & Shipping

Accepted forms of payment: Wire Transfer


At the buyers expense

Auction Details

62nd Auction - Day 3

Auktionshaus Zofingen
April 17, 2021, 09:00 AM CET

Klösterligasse 4, Zofingen, 4800, CH


Buyer's Premium


Bidding Increments


Conditions of Sale

1 .
All sales are strictly for cash in Swiss Francs (CHF), offsetting is excluded. In case of agreement of different terms
of payment, the property will not be transferred to the
buyer until full payment is being confirmed.
2 .
All bids are subject to a buyer's premium, which is twenty
percent (20 %) in addition to the placed successful bid.
This applies to dealers as much as to private buyers. The
buyer's premium is subject to legal value added tax (VAT)
regulations. If objects are marked with "H" or "I", the VAT
applies also to the hammer price in addition to the buyer's
premium. If the buyer procures an export declaration asserted by the Swiss customs authority within 30 days after the auction, the VAT on premium/ commission such
as the award itself (in case it is subject to VAT) will be
refunded. Therefor the tax amount must exceed CHF 60.-
per account. The objects are auctioned in the name and
on account of third parties.
3 .
The objects will be auctioned off in the state and condition they are at the very moment the bid is accepted.
There is an opportunity to inspect the items during the
exhibition prior to the auction. The objects are described
to the best of the Auktionshaus Zofingen's knowledge
using the consigners' indications. No guarantee can be
given for neither the colour fidelity of the images in
printed catalogues, online on our website such as on applications for smart phones and computer tablets, nor the
accuracy of the indicated pictures compared with their
originals. The Auktionshaus Zofingen as well as its employees can not be held liable. Any warranty for defects
of title or defects as to quality is herewith explicitly excluded. Complaints made after the fall of the hammer
can generally not be considered, as objects are auctioned in the name and on behalf of third parties, who can hold
the Auktionshaus Zofingen, according to its terms and
conditions, liable. Therefore withdrawal of objects is excluded under all titles. In the event of intentional misconduct, the buyer must provide the necessary written
demonstration by an expert fully acknowledged by both
parties to his own costs within 60 days after the auction.
Provided that the objects are in the original condition of
the moment the bid is accepted. The prices indicated in
the catalogue are non-binding estimates in Swiss Franks
(CHF), bidding begins about 20 % below. Relevant are the
possible limits given by the consigner; numerous objects
however have no limits. The published times of bidding
are with no guarantee.
4 .
All objects in the auction are without any exceptions used
items. They are in a condition according to their age and
provenience. Special reference is only provided when considered relevant. All declarations of signatures, hallmarkings, labellings, ascriptions, eras, dates, materials, possible
repairs, conditions and possibly available expertises and so
on are to be verified by the potential purchaser on the occasion of the auction preview. Despite careful examination
no guarantee for the completeness of groups of books and
bigger rows can be given. Books are not collated in general.
Clocks and watches are sold based on their decorative value.
Their functionality can not be taken for granted. Any warranty for functioning and condition of technical, electric
operated and optical instruments and possible consequences arising from operation of the equipment is excluded. No
guarantee can be given for possible chemical or technical
processing of gemstone. For the gemmological descriptions (such as colour and level of purity) mentioned in the
catalogue can not be fully guaranteed, as gem stones are
estimated in setted state. All written and oral statements
in any kind are no assurances, guarantees of performance,
warranties or nothing of the sort, but merely expressions
of opinion, that can be changed at any time. Tacit assumptions, expectations and conditions are excluded. The catalogue descriptions correspond to a "condition report" and
no further written reports of condition shall be made in any
way. The German version of the catalogue descriptions shall
be valid only. The automated translation function in additional languages is only a service put at disposal. The Auktionshaus Zofingen reserves the right to correct catalogue
descriptions. If done so the changes will be di closed on the
occasion of the respective bidding.
5 .
The successful bidder acquires the auction item only after
full payment of the award and the buyer's premium such
as the VAT and possibly arisen default interests, losses,
packaging and shipping charges. All benefits and risks
shall pass to the successful bidder. The visitor is responsible for all damages caused by himself, the auctioneers
reserve the right to hold him liable according to his due
6 .
The purchaser shall be obligated to neglect the required
declarations to the completion of his auction order to
the Auktionshaus Zofingen. This includes proof of identity, bank reference, additional securities and so on. He
guarantees for the provided information, they must be
clear and complete at the discretion of the Auktionshaus
Zofingen. Uncertainties shall be on the bidder's account.
Floor bidders shall ask a bidder's number at the entrance
of the auction hall on the auction day. Herewith bids
must be submitted clearly visible to the auction management. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse bidders
to the auction. For technical reasons there is no warranty
for the correctness of the displayed catalogue numbers
and the respective images by means of electronic medias.
7 .
The making of a bid signifies a binding purchase offer.
The bidder shall remain bound by his bid until it is either
overbid or declined by the auction management. Possible
double bid is called out anew immediately; in cases of
doubt the auction management decides conclusively.
8 .
All bids should whenever possible be submitted online
and must exclusively be made in Swiss Francs (CHF). They
must be received at the latest Wednesday noon 12 p.m.
prior to the auction. Subsequent bids can only be accepted conditionally. The Auktionshaus Zofingen rejects all
liability for either unconsidered written, telephone, electronically transmitted and floor bids or establishing and
maintai-ning the national and international telephone
connection. Telephone bids can not be recorded by the
Auktionshaus Zofingen. Written bids are carried out in competition with other bidders. When identical bids are
submitted, preference is given to the first received. Legally
binding is the catalogue number, not the name of the
item. Each purchaser is personally liable for his purchases
and can not claim to act for a third party.
9 .
The auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any bid without declaration of reasons. The purchaser can not claim
information concerning the consignor. The vendors are
prohibited from placing bids on their own offers.
The full net sales price will be due for payment by date
of invoice. The purchaser shall be liable for possible compensation to result from delay or outstanding amounts
to both the Auktionshaus Zofingen and the vendor. He
takes liability for loss of commission and inconveniences.
Due to no or delayed payment, the auctioneer can either
insist on fulfilment of the purchase agreement or cancel
the successful bid at any time without allowing a period
of notice. The successful bidder is liable for all prejudice
and losses (interest of 1 % per month) caused by nonpayment or late payment and, should the successful bid
be cancelled, particularly for any loss of proceeds if the
auctioned object is sold to either a different bidder at the
same auction, a third party at a later auction or in private sale elsewhere. The auctioneer is free to choose the
recovery of the object. It is hereby agreed that the Auktionshaus Zofingen holds the right of retention and lien
on all assets until full payment of all amounts owed. The
buyer whose successful bid has been cancelled shall have
no claim on the grounds of any higher price being achiev
The bought items may be collected from our premises in
Zofingen, Klösterligasse 4, during the running auction
and in the following week, Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m.
to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Saturday until 4 p.m.).
The objects are unpacked. After this date the objects are
put in storage at the expense of the buyer (CHF 1.- per
day and object). Distribution of fragile objects is only possible with restrictions. It is within the discretion of the
Auktionshaus Zofingen to issue these. Any transport is
carried out at the risk and costs of the buyer/recipient The shipping-order must be announced together with the
bidder form. The incurred packing and shipping costs are
demanded by operating expenses. The buyer must organize delivery by courier (including the necessary freight
documents) on his own invoice and customer number.
The Auktionshaus Zofingen must be notified about the
collection in advance. For customs clearances and taxes
(VAT) apply the corresponding tarif regulations. In the
event that your country of residence is not listed below,
get informed by your customs authority. The Auktionshaus Zofingen refuses liability for not collected objects.
The Auktionshaus Zofingen declines to accept responsibility for any declaration made to the customs authority
concerning import and export. These include age, value
and provenience and so on as well as the taxes concerning these. Please not the regulations concerning Cultural
Property Transfer Act (CPTA) that have been in force since
June 1st 2005, such as the federal law CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora); it regulates since October 1st 2013 the
control of legal transfer of protected animal and plant
The terms and conditions stated above are an integral
part of every purchase contract concluded at the auction and in the post sale. Modifications are only valid if
they are agreed in writing. Only the German version of
the terms and conditions of auction is decisive.
The place of performance and the sole place of jurisdiction for all parties involved including consigning/selling
third parties is Zofingen (Aargau) in Switzerland. The
Auktionshaus Zofingen is, however, entitled to take legal
action before any other competent court. Every bidder
taking part in the auction thereby explicitly accepts the
terms and conditions stated above without reservations, amendments or objections. All business relations
with the Auktionshaus Zofingen AG, Klösterligasse 4,
CH-4800 Zofingen shall be exclusively governed by Swiss law.
Sales tax identification number (VAT): CHE-106.480.461 MWST

Shipping Terms

At the buyers expense