Carl Rüdell (1855 - 1939)

Lot 12: Watercolour "Old Fish Market", by Carl Rüdell, Cologne ca. 1910

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December 7, 2012
Berlin, Germany

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Description: Watercolour and tempera on paper
Cologne / Germany, around 1910
Carl Rüdell (1855 - 1939) - Cologne painter and architect
Watercolours by Carl Rüdell fetch up to 36,000 Euros at international auctions
Signed lower right, "CRüdell"
Dimensions of the sheet (without passé-partout): 25 x 37 cm

This atmospheric watercolour is characteristic of the painterly work of Carl Rüdell, whose preferred subject was his hometown of Cologne. We look upon the traditional Cologne fish market in front of the "Stapelhaus" and the steeple of Great St Martin. Of course, Cologne Cathedral cannot be left out of this Rhineland impression the - its massive towers project into the cloudy sky in the background. Two covered wagons, an organ grinder and a cart covered with goods are visible in the fish market. A woman in a long white apron is looking at the food, while a man, ready to carry the shopping, is standing to the far side. A small girl impatiently watches the scene from a distance. The white of the apron and the colour of the white horse pulling the wagon are reflected in the picturesque façades of the buildings. The impressionistic execution in combination with the sensitive drawing and Rüdell's extraordinary intuition for atmosphere send the viewer to Cologne during the turn of the century.

The watercolour is in very good condition with only minor traces of age. The dimensions of the sheet are 25 x 37 cm. It is signed lower right, "CRüdell".

Carl Rüdell (1855 - 1939)
Carl Rüdell was born in Trier and moved to Cologne for his architectural studies where he was trained by Reinhold Wirtz and Johann Therodorus Stracke. From 1888 he worked with the architect Richard Odenthal, with whom he built and re-structured different churches in the Rhineland. He also painted and drew watercolours, which also show Rhineland motifs and motifs from the Cologne carnival, during this time.
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