William (1812) Davis (1812 - 1873)

Lot 20: William Davis of Liverpool (1812-1873) Ploughing

Dreweatts 1759

February 24, 2009
Newbury, United Kingdom

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Description: William Davis of Liverpool (1812-1873) Ploughing in Cheshire, c. 1865 Oil on canvas 55cm x 88cm Provenance: - Monsignor Clarkson; donated to: - Upholland House, Lancashire H. C. Marillier, in his seminal book of 1904, The Liverpool School of Painters, noted of William Davis: No man saw further than he into the opportunities of a quiet rural subject: a hedge, a stream, a drenched autumnal pasture, and flitting of light and shadow over an English sky, a farm with its sheltering trees and homely appurtenances. All this he felt keenly and thoroughly, and translated it into art, not only familiar and realistic, but touching, elevated, and on occasion, even grand
Condition Report: Small patch to reverse lower left, some shrinkage, minor retouching to sky area
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The Collection of Peter & Renate Nahum

Dreweatts 1759
February 24, 2009, 10:00 AM GMT

Newbury, United Kingdom