Lot 178B: Winchester Model 12 30" Full Choke Great Condition

Great American Auctions, Auctioneers, and Appraisals, Co. LLC

October 22, 2016
Hustontown, PA, US

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Description: Great American Auction Co., LLC has a real nice gun up for auction; WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SLIDE ACTION, Date Prepared: 10-5-2016 Make: Winchester Model: 12 GA; 12 2¾” Action: Pump Barrel Length: 30” Choke: Full Year: 1959 Other Info: Great American Auction Co Grades the following: Bluing: 90- 95 Wood: 90-95 Mechanical: 100 S/N: 1692781 Comment: Real nice model 12 barrel clean and looks good. We have a nice Model 12 12 gauge full choke 30" Barrel length. This is a nice gun WAS MADE IN 1959. The bluing and wood in great shape. S/N 1692781 This is a real nice shotgun for anyone. It has an extra kick pad for your convince and pleasure. Please contact us for more information this gun must be picked up or mailed to a FFL Dealer at buyer’s expense. MODEL 12 SLIDE ACTION HISTORY; 12 (introduced 1914), 16 (introduced 1914), 20 (initial ga., mfg. 1912, 2 1/2 in. chamber mfg. until 1927), or 28 (introduced 1937) ga., 25 (20 ga. only, mfg. 1912-14), 26, 28, 30, or 32 in. standard, nickel, or stainless steel (scarce) barrel with or without rib (matted, solid, or VR), 2 9/16 (early 16 or 20 ga., until 1927, at ser. no. 464,565), 2 3/4 (became standard 1927) or 3 in. chamber, 6 shot, blue metal, various chokes, hammerless, plain pistol grip or straight walnut stock and forearm, marked Model 1912 from 1912-1919, approx. ser. no. 172,000. 14 in. LOP was original standard, then changed to 14 1/2 in. circa 1930. Mfg. 1912-1976 "Y" prefix appears on Model 12s built 1964-1980 - see listing under Post-64 Models. Publisher's Note: The "Y" was actually added in front of the already applied serial numbers to be shipped after the 1968 Gun Control Act took effect (1970). The "left over" pre "64" receivers were used up on custom orders until that law became effective, and then the "Y" was added. Nickel steel barrel Model 12s (mfg. 1912-1931) have become very popular in recent years, and some collectors are actually specializing on nickel steel Model 12s only. Winchester proofed steel barrels were introduced in 1931. Stainless steel barrel Model 12s were introduced during 1926 as a special order only, and discontinued in 1931 (65X,XXX serial range). Values typically range between $1,450 - $3,500, and are very rare in over 95% original condition, as the bluing easily wore off the stainless steel barrel since it was a "Japaned" finish, not regular bluing. Original gauge can be determined by removing the buttstock and observing the gauge marking on the stock screw boss. "Donut" post Winchester VRs are more desirable than the rectangular post. 13-15 in. LOPs could be special ordered on Model 12s until 1964. Special order features on field guns have captured much collector interest in recent years. Combinations of these features can add a considerable percentage to the base values listed. Rare special orders on rare variations are very desirable and prices can double and more if the combination is right. As is the case with most other collectible shotguns at this time, Model 12s with open choked barrels in shorter lengths are A LOT more desirable (and expensive) than a specimen with a 30 in. full choke barrel (most common). Values listed are for standard configuration (28 or 30 in. full choke barrel with no rib). For most Model 12s, values for condition factors less than 60% will approximate the 60% price, because of shooter demand. Premiums must be added for the rarer open choked barrels in shorter length on all gauges. Recently, some non-original, re-stamped 28 ga. barrels have been added to 16 or 20 ga. frames "creating" a more desirable (and expensive) gun to unsuspecting buyers. Roll die markings are getting better and better so be very cautious when considering a non-Cutts 28 ga. (as in get a receipt specifying originality). 28 ga. ser. no. range is approx. 720,138 to 1,857,XXX. 28 ga. Model 12s were available with both 2 3/4 (common) or 2 7/8 (infrequent) in. chamber. The 28 ga. has a magazine tube which is crimped, swaged, and necked at the rear and is visible with barrel assembly off and slide pulled back, enabling mag tube to protrude slightly at the rear of receiver extension. Believe it or not, there are getting to be a lot of fake Model 12 boxes that have been intentionally aged. Carefully screen NIB (watch the hanging tag also) specimens in this model. Editor's Note: The Model 12 Winchester was produced continuously from 1912-1980. Over 2,027,500 were produced both in standard and deluxe (Pigeon) grades. Pigeon grades were first listed in 1914 and disc. during the war (1941). Reintroduced in 1948, they were disc. permanently in 1964, after which the Super Pigeon Grade became available only on a custom-order basis from Winchester's Custom Gun Shop. These guns are worth 50%-300% premiums depending on gauge, barrel lengths, stock options, engraving patterns, etc. With an attrition rate of approximately 33%, Model 12s with rare features produced 50 years ago will only be much rarer today (and expensive). 28 ga. guns were built between 1937 and 1960. Gauge rarity in increasing order is 12 ga. (approx. 360,000 mfg. 1925-1943), 16 ga. (approx. 190,000 mfg. 1925-1943), 20 ga. (approx. 71,000 mfg. 1925-1943), .410 bore (Model 42), and 28 ga. (approx. 2,600 mfg. 1925-1943). Serialization breakdown by year of manufacture is provided under the "Serialization" section of this book. When collecting Model 12s, ser. nos. on the underside of receiver (forward end), should match ser. no. on bottom rear of Mag. tube
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