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Lot 323: Witch craft - Norfolk - The Coven of Atho

Mullocks Specialist Auctioneers

August 23, 2007
Ludlow, United Kingdom

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Witch craft - Norfolk - The Coven of Atho typewritten letter signed by Raymond Howard, the famous White Witch of Norfolk, no date but probably 1960s, appealing for donations to buy a piece of land to build the first temple of White Witchcraft in Britain, together with approximately 26 cyclostyled sheets setting out the rituals of the Coven, one featuring a drawing of the Head of Atho - the horned god of witchcraft which Howard owned until it was stolen from his Norfolk antiques shop in the late 1960s. Howard obtained the Head of Atho from an old Romany lady called Alicia Franch after she met him by chance near a pool on the summer solstice in 1930.Old Alicia apparently took this meeting as a sign, and she taught him some of the traditions of witchcraft that she knew. She told him that when she died she would leave him a legacy; and she kept her word. In due course, Mr. Howard inherited from Alicia Franch a number of magical objects, among which was the head of Atho. The head is carved from old oak and it is thought to be an original Celtic effigy more than 2,000 years old. Its whereabouts today have never been traced. There are claims however from modern members of the Coven of Atho that the head which was stolen was a copy made by Howard. The real head is claimed to be safely in the hands of modern day Coven members and those who perpetrated the theft will attract bad fortune for the rest of their lives

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