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Karel Wünsch (b. 1932)

Lot 464: Wünsch Karel (1932) Vase from the Dual Series,


May 18, 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

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Wünsch Karel (1932)
Vase from the Dual Series, clear glass, layered with green glass, cylindrical shape, cut-through rectangular facets, design by Karel Wünsch, after 1967, made by the Borské sklo, Haida, marked with a paper label, height 25.5 cm (Zí)
Having studied at the Glassmaking Professional Secondary School in Haida, Karel Wünsch attended the studio of Professor Kaplický at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design. Between 1959 and 1969, he was the main designer of the Haida company Borské sklo, and then he set out to pursue an independent studio career. He is the author of the acclaimed set of china and glass for the Ješted restaurant from 1973. He designed the Dual series from 1962, whose name is derived from the use of two layers of glass of varying colours. This series is characterised by simple shapes and geometric cuts in the shape of round or oval spots.

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May 18, 2013, 2:00 PM CET

Prague, Czech Republic