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Lot 110: Yellowlegs by Bowman

Decoys Unlimited, Inc

July 15, 2012
West Barnstable, MA, US

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110. Outstanding greater yellowlegs by William ("Bill") Bowman of Lawrence, New York. As discussed in the introduction to the Bowman section of the McCleery sale:"Oral tradition holds that Bill Bowman (poss 1824 -1906) was a cabinet maker from Bangor, Maine who traveled to Lawrence, Long Island each summer to work as a market gunner and decoy maker. Bowman was a masterful observer, and he captured the contours of his subjects faces andbodies more precisely than any other shorebird carver". Decoy exhibits deeply carved wings and shoulders with typical Bowman split tail and individually raised wingtips. Subtle body carving hints at a thigh detail. Painted feather detailrealistically imitates the bird's actual plumage. Found on Martha's Vineyard by the late Stanley Murphy, author of Martha's Vineyard Decoys, in the early 70's. Purchased directly from Bowman by the descendant's father who lived in Lawrence,LI. around the turn of the last century. In fine original paint with gunning wear. Bill is original. There is a small chip missing from the left wingtip.

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