Cheng Zhu (1826 - 1900)

Lot 100: Zhu Cheng Among Others, 6 Floral Painting on Silk, 20th C

Auctionata Paddle8 AG

October 22, 2016
Berlin, Germany

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Description: Ink and colors on silk
Mounted in a silk brocade frame
China, 20th century
Painted by Zhu Cheng and other artists
Included are six different depictions such as flowers, flowering branches, butterflies and birds
Harmonious paintings with fine details
Each with inscription and seals
Total dimensions: c. 43 x 55.5 cm
Image size: c. 32.5 x 43 cm
Good condition

The paintings are in good condition with only few signs of wear. The total dimensions are c. 43 x 55.5 cm.

In China the peony, called fuguihua, is regarded as a symbol of nobility, wealth, honor as well as rank and is especially loved for its size and color. The flower colors ranging from white to yellow and dark violet. There are two main types of peonies - the ‘herbaceous species’ and the ‘woody species’. One type, also known as the ‘king of flowers’, is mostly depicted with large, red petals, and usually shown in connection with phoenixes. The other type is represented with large pink and reddish ruffled blossoms and is often found as a motif on porcelain, textiles and in paintings. During the Tang dynasty the peony was the favorite flower of the Emperor Gaozong and his consort Wu Zetian. This popularity continued to the Ming dynasty. The peony appears in many combinations with other flowers and animals. In the variant with lotus flowers they are symbols of glory, rank, power and wealth.

Butterflies are a symbol of summer, beauty, romance and dreams in Chinese art. Paired with the plum they are a symbol of longevity and pure beauty. In combination with flowers they depict a lasting feeling of connectedness, whereas a pair of butterflies is considered a signifier of fidelity. A popular motif is also the ‘100 butterflies’, expressing the desire for ‘100 blessings’. (lvp)

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