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Willy Zirges (b. 1867)

Lot 218: Zirges, Willy (geb. 1867 Leipzig, später München, Berlin)

Leo Spik

June 29, 2017
Berlin, Germany

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Acht kleine Landschaftsgemälde: u.a. Märkischer See, Felsenküste, Schäfer, Mittelgebirge. 4x sign. Malkarton. Gr. ca. 24×34 cm. Einmal ger. (51333)

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Zirges, Willy (geb. 1867 Leipzig, später München, Berlin)

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Shipping Terms

Shipping is not part of the sale. However we will include an offer to send the piece by regular mail to the invoice, if this is possible.
The buyer is responsible to organize transport.
Sending goods to buyers outside the european community may also require an agency to handle customs (depending on the amount of the invoice).


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