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Australian Sculptures

Westerners first colonized Australia in 1770, and during the 18th and 19th centuries, sculptors took their cues from European tradition. During the first years of colonization, most advanced sculptural techniques would have been impractical. By the 1840s, artists such as Daniel Herbert, Theresa Walker, and Benjamin Law were working in a variety of mediums, creating portrait busts or decorative stonework for public projects like the Ross Bridge in Tasmania.

In the 20th century, Australian sculpture continued to follow European art schools and movements. Charles Web Gilbert and Paul Montford created war memorial to fallen Australian soldiers after the First World War. The 1920s saw Australian sculpture increasingly influenced by abstraction and modernism. Artists such as Clement Meadmore... Read more

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ROBERT BRIDGEWATER (born 1971) This 1997 bleached pin oak

June 5, 2018, 6:30 PM AEST
Melbourne, Australia

AUD3,150 (starting bid)

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