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Band Memorabilia

When considering band memorabilia, it’s important to know that availability depends somewhat on a band’s longevity, popularity, and merchandising activities. Furthermore, you will discover two distinct arenas: what’s been manufactured for sale to the public, and what’s been used professionally by bands and their production crews.

Prior to the 1960s, band merchandising was fairly uncommon, and purchasing records or concert tickets was the most fans could do to experience their favorite musicians. As world economies grew and music genres expanded, merchandising became an important part of recording companies’ overall incomes, prompting the manufacturing of band t-shirts, posters, pins, hats—even lunch boxes and band-related dolls. Of course, the musical recording itself has been an important part of collecting, evolving from vinyl to cassette tape, and then from CD to digital format.

The most sought-after band memorabilia includes autographs, clothing, musician-used instruments and production equipment, awards and award records, contracts, and band members’ personal items. To that end, the ability to authenticate memorabilia based on photographs or videos will help solidify a valuation.

Quick Facts

  • The first recording contract signed by all four members of “The Beatles” sold for $93,750 on a September 2015 auction in New York
  • The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) gives out album awards for achievement in sound recordings. Awards are given to artists as well as everyone associated with an album’s production, which is why they're often available on the market
  • The band U2 once filed suit against a former stylist who took an outfit of Bono’s and attempted to sell it on auction years later. A civil court in Dublin ruled in favor of U2, requiring the stylist to give the outfit back

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