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Belgium Shotguns

Belgium has a long history of producing fine firearms including shotguns. In fact, Belgium has produced a wide variety of very fine shotguns and the country has gained a reputation for producing shotguns, especially double-barreled shotguns.

Belgian shotguns set a high standard for quality, workmanship, and finish. Some are inlaid with fine engravings and stocks made from fine hardwoods.

Belgian shotguns hit a slight low point after World War I, but quickly recovered by producing fine firearms once more. When famed firearm designer John Moses Browning began a partnership with Belgian Fabrique Nationale, new life was breathed into Belgian-produced shotguns. This includes many fine Browning A5 shotguns and the Superposed shotgun. Today, Belgian firearms designer Francotte builds famed double barreled shotguns and fine rifles. Other makers include Lebeau Courally and Mahillon. Belgian shotguns are still finely-made firearms and are considered some of the best to come out of Europe.

Quick Facts

  • Francotte shotguns were once imported by Abercrombie and Fitch
  • The Superposed shotgun came in four grades: Field, Magnum, Trap, and Skeet
  • Francotte stocks are handmade from fine woods

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