7 Rockin’ Objects Owned by Elvis Presley

Lot 13, 1955 Elvis Presley signed early promotional photo, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

“The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” still reigns supreme at auction. Performance costumes, vehicles, and early singles have all recently sold for record amounts. In 2014, a larger-than-life silkscreen portrait of Presley by Andy Warhol sold for $81.9 million at auction. In 2015, Presley’s first recording, a 1953 acetate disk featuring “My Happiness,” sold for $300,000 by Graceland Auctions on the eve of Presley’s 80th birthday.

On August 13, The Auction at Graceland will celebrate Elvis Presley with the sale of 197 artifacts related to the famed entertainer. The auction includes mementos from his musical career, pieces of professional history, and personal gifts given to close friends by the King himself. Because this year marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of Elvis Presley’s film career, this year’s auction includes a wealth of movie memorabilia from his run as a Hollywood star.

A Record of Elvis’ Birth

Elvis Presley Birth Record

Lot 29, Birth record document from Elvis’ delivering physician
Dr. Robert Hunt, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

This written record of Elvis Aaron Presley’s delivery is the sole original document containing details of his birth, a date widely celebrated by his fans across the world. As a unique and deeply personal object, this lot is an instant treasure for any Elvis fan or collector.

“Taking Care of Business” Necklace

Elvis Presley Necklace

Lot 168, J.D. Sumner’s diamond-studded TCB necklace
gifted by Elvis Presley, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

The “TCB,” or “Taking Care of Business,” necklace is a Presley trademark. This specific piece of jewelry was gifted to J.D. Sumner, a childhood friend and member of Elvis’ backup singing group the Stamps Quartet. While Elvis regularly had “TCB” necklaces made, often in large quantities, for friends, family, and supporters, a rare few were this elaborate.

“68 Comeback Special” Signed Contract

68 Comeback Special

Lot 145, “68 Comeback Special” foreign distribution contract signed
by Elvis Presley, 1969, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

Lot 145 is an agreement to distribute the 1968 NBC “Singer Elvis TV Special” to international markets, after the special had been seen by more than 40 percent of the American television audience during its original airing. The contract, signed by Presley and two NBC executives, launched Elvis’ return to stage performing and a run of sold-out shows across the United States.

Pair of Elvis-Worn Boots

Elvis Presley Boots

Lot 74, Boots worn by Elvis Presley in the film “It Happened at The World’s Fair,”
1963, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

These black boots were worn by Elvis while filming the MGM movie “It Happened at the World’s Fair,” in which Presley portrays a pilot named Mike Edwards. Later that year, London-based “Boyfriend Magazine” held a contest for the boots. They remained in the possession of the winner, Joan Bridgnell, in Sussex for 46 years.

“Jailhouse Rock” Premiere Program

Jailhouse Rock Premiere

Lot 38, 1957 “Jailhouse Rock” movie premiere program
featuring Elvis Presley, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

This high-gloss program is likely from the October 1957 premiere of “Jailhouse Rock” at the Loews State Theater in Memphis, Tennessee. The movie, which includes one of the most iconic dance numbers in Hollywood history, was Elvis’ first film for MGM and one of his highest-earning projects.

Signed & Inscribed Guitar Case

Elvis Presley Guitar Case

Lot 3, Elvis Presley’s signed & inscribed guitar case, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

This used guitar case was originally sold at a fan auction by Elvis in November 1967. It was auctioned for $15 and inscribed to the winners, “To Peggy and Diane from Elvis Presley.”

The “King’s” Personal AmEx Card

Elvis Presley AmEx Card

Lot 176, Elvis Presley signed American Express card,
1973-74, The Auction at Graceland (August 13)

Among the treasures headed to auction this month is Elvis Presley’s personal American Express credit card, used by the entertainer between 1973 and 1974. First sold in the Elvis Presley Museum Collection Auction held by Butterfield & Butterfield in 1994, the final hammer price was ten times its estimate when this unique object sold 22 years ago.