8 Conversation Pieces For Your Fall-Inspired Table

Lot 193, Royal Worcester vase by Kitty Blake, c. 1906, with another by David Bowket
and a ewer by Henry Chair, Leonard Joel (October 16)

For centuries, artists and craftsmen have been inspired by the changing leaves as summer fades into fall. Now that we’re well into autumn, along with pumpkin spice lattes and cooler temperatures comes exquisite dècor for seasonally-inspired interiors.

Among the most anticipated auctions this month are Locati’s October 2016 Sale on October 17 and Freeman’s British & European Furniture & Decorative Arts on October 18, offering porcelain, pottery, glassware, and other objects that delightfully bring to mind the season of abundance. Our editors rounded up 8 objects that are sure to inspire an autumnal tablescape.

Lot 248, Royal Crown Derby part dishware service, c. 19-20th century, Freeman’s (October 18)

Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest remaining English porcelain manufacturers. Their immensely popular Imari patterns were styled after Japanese porcelain to be richly colored with intricate geometric and floral designs. This partial dishware service set is decorated with gold and burnt orange flowers surrounded by vines, and the serving tray is adorned with a flowering tree.

Lot 365, Three vases by Moorcroft Pottery, c. 1920, Dreweatts & Bloomsbury (October 25)

In many Middle Eastern cultures, the pomegranate symbolizes prosperity, fertility, and bounty. This trio of vases by Moorcroft is decorated with the fruit, which is harvested from September through February in the Northern Hemisphere. Moorcroft is a British pottery studio founded in 1897 that still uses their original production method of applying designs by piping outlines of liquified clay and then applying metallic oxide colors by hand.

Lot 1016137, Pink Baneda Jardiniere by Roseville Pottery Company, Locati (October 17)

J.F. Weaver founded the Roseville Pottery Company in Roseville, Ohio in 1890 and produced designs popular with the American Arts and Crafts movement until 1953. This pink planter is finished with a raised decoration of pumpkins on the vine.

Lot 382, Four shell-shaped dishes, porcelain by Meissen, c. 1750, Sotheby’s (October 19)

This collection of four shell-shaped dishes is painted with an arrangement of vegetables, including carrots and corn, floral bouquets, and nuts. Established by King Augustus the Strong in 1710, Meissen was Europe’s first porcelain manufactory. They are known still today for quality pieces marked with their iconic crossed swords logo.

Lot 219, Vase with two glasses, etched glass, Concept Art Gallery (October 22)

This trio of etched glass objects includes a 13-inch vase (or lamp base) decorated with a golden yellow floral pattern. Accompanying the vase are a cranberry-hued glass decanter and matching glass. The depth of color and intricacy of decoration complement the richness of the fall season.

Lot 610, Three decanters, glass mounted with silver,
c. 20th century, Sotheby’s (October 20)

These unique vessels are shaped like birds, including an owl and a cockatoo. Each of the three decanters is made from richly-colored glass in autumnal tones: mustard, cranberry, and kelly green. The birds’ feet and heads are made from silver, and the eyes and beak are gilded. The owl decanter’s eyes, in particular, are crafted from glass.

Lot 224, Pratt-type creamer and cover, English creamware pottery,
c. 1825, Dreweatts & Bloomsbury (October 25)

Creamware was created around 1750 by potters in Staffordshire, England and soon became the most popular earthenware for domestic use. This playful container is in the shape of a cow, accompanied by a farmhand and painted with mottled patches of navy and gold.

Lot 60, Serving tray, wood, and glass with reverse glass foil decoration,
c. 1900, Concept Art Gallery (October 22)

This Victorian serving tray is made from glass and finished with a wooden border. The tray is decorated with a bountiful foil bouquet of flowers, and the border is created using an inlaid veneer technique called marquetry.

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