9 Apps to Fuel Your Art Addiction

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Love art? There’s an app for that. For collectors, creators, and connoisseurs, the 21st century boasts a wealth of resources to guide you on your journey through museums, galleries, and even city streets. To aid you in your art quests and pair with Invaluable’s app (pictured above), our editors compiled a list of apps that help you curate your favorites or create your own masterpieces.

For Collectors

iPhone screenshot of the ArtStack app via Invaluable editors


ArtStack is a social network where users can stack artworks they like by category, rate organizations and collectors, and explore up-and-coming artists’ studios. You can also buy artwork by clicking “Buy Art” on the top menu or “Shop” from the “Explore” menu.


ArtRank publishes indexes with predictions about what artists will be the next stars of delineating price brackets. According to ArtRank’s website, “the algorithm’s intent is to quantify deep industry knowledge and grant access to both collectors and institutions interested in the emerging segment.”

iPhone screenshot of the Curiator app
via Invaluable editors


Curiator users can upload images of wall labels or artworks and store them on the app. This allows art lovers to keep track of their favorite pieces with a digital art collection.

For Creators

iPhone screenshot of the Prisma app via Invaluable editors


Prisma treats your photographs like works of art. Using a unique array of filters, you can style your latest Instagram like a Lichtenstein, Van Gogh, or Hokusai.

Glitché Ltd

With a huge celebrity following, Glitché lets you custom design interactive photos and videos using over 50 effects.

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches boasts an impressive array of drawing tools, from resize to smudge, text to pattern. Its website implores users to “stop thinking about the device, enjoy the sensation of drawing on paper.”

For Connoisseurs

iPhone screenshot of the Google Art and Culture app via Invaluable editors

Google Arts & Culture

Google recently launched their Arts & Culture app, which lets you “explore artworks, artifacts, and more from over 850 museums, archives, and organizations worldwide.” Users can zoom into works, save images into Collections, and take 360 degree panoramic tours.

Geo Street Art

Geo Street Art is comprised of comprehensive guides to global street art scenes (currently: New York and London). Users can locate works on an updated map, discover detailed information about thousands of pieces, and share their favorites on social media.

Touch Van Gogh

For those fascinated and inspired by the Post-Modern master, this iPad app allows you to learn more about Van Gogh’s tendencies and techniques. Zoom in on a painting to learn its history and examine its details with primary sources from Van Gogh’s time.