Most Iconic Examples of Banksy Street Art

Has a mural or piece of public art ever stopped you in your tracks?

If not, you’ve never seen a Banksy. The famous street artist uses the world’s metropolises as his canvas to pose important social and political questions. Despite his very public portfolio, everything about the anonymous British artist is shrouded in mystery including his identity, in part due to the illegality of street art (also known as “tagging”), in which an artist uses a public space to create a work of art.

Whether you’re a fine art collector or a fan of graffiti, this art movement deserves a moment of your time. In reviewing the history of art, many of the most significant movements evolved out of protestation to the establishment, such as Dadaism, Italian Futurism, and 1960s performance art. While street art is temporary by nature, the impact it has on communities should not be ignored.

Use the interactive map below or check out the infographic to learn more about a number of Banksy’s controversial and lauded works, but keep in mind that the very nature of street art is temporary as it is usually done illegally and on someone else’s property. You can also see a visual of his most iconic work beneath the map (for those who prefer to scroll rather than click).

The infographic below compiles a list of some of Banksy’s most eye-catching and controversial pieces from the last 15 years. As an artist he evolved growing more comfortable with color, creating increasingly complex figures, and making more overt political statements.