Best Ladies Rolex Watches to Buy for Investment: A Buying Guide 

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When it comes to women’s watches, Rolex is easily one of the most desirable luxury watch brands. Based in Switzerland, Rolex watches are made from some of the highest-quality materials in the world and are appreciated for their high performance, sophisticated design and high value retention.

Are Rolex Watches a Good Investment?

Rolex watches, such as the Lady Datejust, come in many iterations to suit all tastes, and are also waterproof with chronometer-certified mechanical movements. Thanks to its classic design and premium materials, a women’s Rolex is an excellent investment as it can be resold easily and tends to retain much of its value.

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Which Rolex Model is the Best to Invest In?

1. Ladies Rolex President Datejust


The semicircular, three-piece link bracelet – called the “Presidential” bracelet – was first introduced in 1956. It can only be found on Day-Date models and the Lady Datejust models that are made from 18k gold and platinum. The Ladies Rolex President Datejust features a precise automatic movement, a date display window, and a waterproof case. Its dials often feature precious stones or rare minerals such as meteorite.

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2. Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Midsize

Rolex Ladies' Yacht-Master mid-size, Ref. 168623. Date 2000.

Rolex Ladies’ Yacht-Master mid-size, Ref. 168623. Date 2000. Sold for kr26,095.65 DKK
via Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers (June 2011).

The Rolex Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992 and quickly became a sought-after luxury sports watch. It comes in stainless steel and platinum, 18k yellow gold, and two-tone steel and gold. Dials in mother-of-pearl, champagne, and platinum are used in the more exclusive models.

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3. Rolex Pearlmaster

The Rolex Pearlmaster Datejust is a luxury jewelry watch, carefully crafted using exclusively precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold (a proprietary Rolex rose gold alloy), and platinum. Each watch carries gemstones that are picked and hand-set by craftspeople in Rolex’s in-house laboratory. The watch is sold with the rounded, five-piece Pearlmaster bracelet.

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4. Rolex Cellini Classic

The Rolex Cellini Classic is a refined, streamlined timepiece, often featuring a manual wind movement. Their smaller cases sit snugly on the wrist and their classic, sophisticated aesthetic means that these watches never go out of fashion.

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5. Rolex Datejust 31mm

Since its release in 1945, Rolex has unveiled several versions of this stunning watch. Among the most popular is the 31mm model. Look out for an edition that pairs Oystersteel with 18kt yellow gold and has a diamond-set dial and a Jubilee bracelet.

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Do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?

Given the number of different models that have been released throughout the years, there are many options to choose from on the resale market. Due to their remarkable craftsmanship, classic designs, brand recognition and limited production runs, Rolex women’s timepieces have a strong position in the resale market and hold their value incredibly well, with certain sought-after models often surpassing their initial retail price over time. With endorsements from celebrities and athletes, Rolex watches carry much cultural cachet. Collectors also appreciate the Swiss company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

To retain your watch’s value, it is worth having it regularly serviced at an authorized center, keeping original documents and packaging, and avoiding modifications. Although not unsusceptible to market fluctuations, collectors, enthusiasts, and investors can rest assured that the value of Rolex watches usually remains resilient – or bounces back quickly – in various economic climates. Prices will of course vary depending on the watch’s rarity, materials used, history and condition.

Things You Should Know About Women’s Rolex Watches

Rolex launched in 1908, however it wasn’t until 1957 that the first Rolex watch for women – The Lady Datejust – was made. It was designed for smaller wrists but had the same features and standout elegance as men’s watches.

Women’s Rolexes tend to fall into two categories: jewelry-like adornments, and conventional watches that are miniaturized versions of men’s styles. Some Rolex watches are deemed unisex.

Rolex Cellini in 18K Gold, Ref. 6621.

Rolex Cellini in 18K Gold, Ref. 6621. Auction passed. Est: $7,000 USD – $8,000 USD via FORTUNA® (Dec 2023).

The Watch Can be Worn as Jewelry

Jewelry watches are true examples of watchmaking art that are chosen for their beauty and uniqueness. First, you should note, many Rolex women’s timepieces were originally marketed under Rolex’s dressier Cellini label (now discontinued), whose focus was on refinement rather than functionality.

Some stand-out examples of evening-wear jewelry that just also happen to tell the time include thisoctagonal piece in white gold, which has a double row of diamonds on the bezel and a mesh bracelet. Although its vintage is roughly 1975, it’s a timeless design as suitable today as it was 40 years ago.


Pieces such as this Rolex Cellini dares to be different. In the early 1990s, Cellini looked to Art Deco for inspiration and this 18K gold example has been customized with rubies and diamonds embraces opulence and femininity.

Embrace Standout Attributes

The Rolex Cellini range was incredibly diverse, with a variety of case shapes and designs that leaned towards the avant-garde, such as the eight-sided Cellini Octagon, the asymmetrical Cellini Midas or the Art Deco-inspired Prince.

Some of the jewelry-style Rolexes are so varied in design that the casual observer can be forgiven for thinking them unique. Perhaps that’s the reason they’re not as universally collected. You can’t point to one to discuss and compare the way you can with a couple of double-red Submariner SeaDwellers.

That means the collector is choosing the pieces based on individual beauty and appeal, rather than relative condition of a popular but perhaps rare model.

Consider Practicality

On the other side of the wristwatch spectrum are feminine examples of more practical watches, such as the Oyster Perpetuals, the Lady Datejusts, the Lady Presidents and Masterpieces.

The Rolex Lady Datejust is well-recognized and has been produced in vast numbers and countless variations. Perhaps the most visually appealing part of a Lady Datejust is the dial, especially if it’s a semi-precious stone, or has been lacquered in a bright color. The Datejust has at least three types of bracelets – Oyster, President, and Jubilee. You’ll also encounter smooth, fluted, or diamond bezels.

Rolex Cellini, Ladies', Ref. 6621, circa 1990.

Rolex Cellini, Ladies’, Ref. 6621, circa 1990. Auction passed. Est: $4,000 USD – $6,000 USD via FORTUNA® (May 2022).

Question Quality, but Know the Story and Character

Rolex bracelets have not always garnered the kind of love one might wish for in an exclusive timepiece; collectors around the world have criticized the brand for the lightweight nature of its early bracelets. Indeed, the earlier hollow link examples often exhibit a lot of stretch where those hollow links have deformed. Overall, however, Rolex bracelets have stood the test of time.


Whether it’s viewed as an investment piece or worn as a sign of personal style, a Rolex watch endures in both quality and value. Rolex watches are synonymous with meticulous craftsmanship, classic design and brand recognition, which all amounts to an investment that’s more than likely to hold its value and even appreciate over the years.

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