15 Collector’s Items You Owned as a Kid

Toys are an instrumental part of childhood, with many early memories centered around a surprise birthday present, a family board game, or an electric train set. Over the past several years, advanced technology has set a new standard for the type of toys children desire, which has forever changed how the youngest generation keeps busy.

With wooden trains and old fashioned game sets quickly becoming a relic of the past, the value of these items has begun to rise. Before throwing away any of your old treasures from dusty attics, scan the list below to see if you have a collectible item! From there, be sure to research the model or series of your toy to further determine its worth. 

Now that you know how valuable children’s toys can be, think about keeping your favorite to pass along. Explore some of our editors’ favorite vintage toys, including Buddy L trucks, Steiff bears, Lionel trains, and more.