18 Interior Design Terms You Should Know

Looking to renovate an area of your home? Whether you are adding new furniture to your living room or paintings to your gallery wall, honing in on a look or style is important to a cohesive environment. Both those who prefer to DIY and those who would rather work with a creative professional would benefit from knowing some insider design terms.

Properly communicating with your stylist, interior decorator or an art collector is the key to ending up with a product full of your personal style. Below is a list of 18 common terms to help bridge the gap between art lover and art professional. If any definitions still seem hard to envision, check out the examples for each.

Once you have a foundational understanding of common terms in design, you will be able to easily navigate and convey your individual flare.  Now you not only know what is chic or not, but also what is tinted, textured, bohemian, and retro.

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