Take Home 7 Artifacts Left Behind by Elvis

Lot 48, Rare 1956 Elvis Presley RCA Victor Records poster, The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

Few musicians are more comprehensively studied and loved than Elvis Presley. From his formative teen years to his daughter’s legacy, Elvis amassed a large number of collectibles, some of which will be available to his large fan base through The Auction at Graceland on October 29. Items hitting the auction block range from a high school yearbook with a personal message from Elvis to his daughter’s engagement ring from her marriage to Nicolas Cage. Explore treasured items from Elvis’s personal life and career with picks from our editors.

Lot 51, Elvis Presley stage-worn jumpsuit, The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

While nearly 100 different jumpsuits were made for Elvis during his career, very few exist outside The Graceland Archives Department. This legendary example was designed by Bill Belew and Gene Doucette and worn by Elvis in Las Vegas during September and August 1973 and on the March tour of 1974. This piece has many of the typical elements of Elvis costumes: flared sleeves, flared legs with silk inverted kick pleats, high collar, and faux gems and studs decorating the entire garment.

Lot 89, 1970 lion head diamond and ruby ring worn by
Elvis Presley, The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

This 14-karat yellow gold men’s lion head ring with ruby eyes is typical of Elvis’s tastes late in his career. “The King” began to wear lion design jewelry while working with MGM on the “That’s The Way It Is” documentary film, in which he wears a similar piece.

Lot 27, Set of three Sun Records checks written to Elvis Presley,
The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

These three checks are signed by Sam Phillips from The Memphis Recording Service, and paid to the order of Elvis Presley and players Scotty Moore and Bill Black. The session, dated 11/15/54, consisted of seven takes that turned into the slow version of “I’m Left, You’re Right, My Baby’s Gone.” Fans still debate whether they also recorded the record version of the song or if it were finished during the 3/5/55 session.

Lot 23, Sun Records 1954 unplayed “file copy” 45 of Elvis Presley single,
“That’s All Right,” The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

Rolling Stone magazine argues that this song, recorded in July of 1954, is the first rock ‘n’ roll record, and lists it as #113 on their “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” This lot is an unplayed single from Sun Records in its original brown paper and Sun Records logo sleeves.

Lot 57, Elvis Presley’s signed 1956 application for the Screen Actors Guild,
The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

In 1956, after his screen test with Hal Wallis at Paramount, Elvis was offered a contract for one motion picture with the possibility of six more. A few months later, he signed this “Screen Actors Guild, Inc. Class A and AJ Applicants.” This marked the beginning of a very successful film career, during which Elvis is credited in 33 movies.

Lot 72, 1971 Elvis Presley owned and worn diamond
and gold ring, The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

This 18-karat yellow gold, nugget-style men’s cameo ring gifted to Janelle McComb from Elvis in 1971 features a relief portrait of Caesar wearing a wreath studded with 5 diamonds, encircled by 17 diamonds and surrounded by an additional 16 diamonds. “Elvis” is engraved on the back of the ring. McComb was a close personal friend of the Presley family and the longtime director of the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation.

Lot 1, 1953 Humes High School yearbook signed by Elvis Presley,
The Auction at Graceland (October 29)

This high school yearbook from Elvis’s senior year at Humes High School belonged to Carolyn Lee Jones, a classmate of the late performer. Elvis’s listed majors are Shop, History, and English, and his activities include R.O.T.C., Biology Club, and Speech Club. Elvis’s personal note to Jones said “Best of luck to a very cute girl. Elvis.” His friend and Class President, George Klein, also signed the yearbook.

Discover more rare objects from “The King of Rock n’ Roll’s” legacy via The Auction at Graceland on October 29.