Our Fall Picks for Extraordinary Wedding Gifts

With the fall wedding season more popular than ever among brides-to-be, chances are good that you have one (or more) nuptials on your calendar this season. For soon-to-be-guests searching for inspiring gift ideas that surpass the average cooling rack or mixing bowl set on the registry, change up your game with one of these gallerist-selected decorative works of art to adorn the newlyweds’ home.

For Celebratory Toasting

Champagne Flutes

Hand blown Venetian stemware by Murano Glass Masters
of Nason-Moretti, $590, Casanova Venetian Glass & Art

“This is perfect for a wedding gift – a pair of hand blown ‘Special Occasion’ champagne flutes from noted Glass Masters Nason & Moretti (Murano). These pieces are signed and are exceptional works of art, yet within most budgets for the pair. This is the gift that will become a family heirloom.” –Keith Davidson, Co-Owner, Casanova Venetian Glass & Art

For Hosting the In-Laws

Mirrored Serving Tray

French mirrored serving tray, 1930s, $900, Jon Howell Gallery

“This tray is perfect for hosting new family members as the couple ushers in their new life together. Versatile in function, as a catch-all or display piece when not in use as a serving tray.” –Paige Phillips, Gallery Assistant, Jon Howell Antiques and Design

For the Worldly Pair

Japanese Bronze Vase

Vintage Japanese bronze vase, Showa period (1926-1989),
$950, Sutter Antiques

“I love these bronze vessels for their aesthetic appeal and decorative value. As a wedding gift I think it’s ideal, symbolically, if you consider how bronze is produced – by melding together two elements. Made mostly of copper, it needs a second element in order to make it a stable, workable alloy. Bronze is also the recommended gift for the 19th wedding anniversary – something to aim for.” –Frank Rosa, Co-Owner, Sutter Antiques

For Memories of a Honeymoon by the Sea

Ripple Wave Bowl

Blue & gray ripple wave glass bowl by Mariel Waddell, 2015, $1,400, Oeno Gallery

Perfect for any new home, the artist of this gorgeous ripple wave bowl, Mariel Waddell, was born in Trinidad and has lived in other tropical countries including Barbados and Costa Rica. “The experience of living in these countries has become the foundation of her inspiration. Using hot glass bits Mariel sculpts and captures pieces of the oceans reefs onto her vessels.” –Dana Charles, Assistant Curator, Oeno Gallery

For a Deeply Rooted Connection

Tree of Abundance

Aboundance Tree” by Sandy Palomino, mixed on masonite,
$1,450, Prizma Art Gallery

“The union of marriage represents love that is built to withstand trials and tribulations, with the abundance and beauty that come with it – just like the ‘Tree of Abundance’ that will flower, bare fruit, and withstand the cold and storms of winter to blossom again in spring. Prizma represents art that transcends time and can be passed through generations always bringing joy and happiness. This gift symbolizes love and union.” –Amber McCandless, Gallery Director, Prizma Art Gallery

For (Art) Lovers

Two Figure Study

Two Figure Study No. 4” by Julie Schumer, mixed
media original painting, $1,500, OAC Gallery

“This original Julie Schumer painting would make a beautiful wedding gift. I love how the two figures are walking side by side, representing a shared journey. One-of-a-kind artwork feels very special and personal and always makes a great gift.” –Sarah Biondi, Founder & CEO, OAC Gallery

For a Newly “Welded” Couple

Jedd Novatt Sculpture

Bronze sculpture by Jedd Novatt, 2008, $67,500, Chowaiki & Co.

“This Novatt sculpture can actually be quite symbolic of marriage. There are two forms, which can be representative of each spouse, welded together in an engaging and elegant display of counterbalance, growth, and compromise. And as with all his works, Novatt achieves a unique balance between chaos and equilibrium here, much like the beauty and complexity of marriage.” –Liza Lan, Gallery Director, Chowaiki & Co.

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