It’s Crystal Clear: Lalique Glass You’ll Fall In Love With

Collector Javier Elizondo's display of Lalique and other glass works of art. Photo courtesy of the collector

In the early 20th century, French glassmaker René Lalique reimagined the standards for creating art glass with his remarkable 3D designs of glass objects, from plates to perfume bottles to animal figurines. Linked primarily to the Art Nouveau period, Lalique is today considered one of the most pivotal producers of glass. Pieces are held in museums around the world, including the Corning Museum of Glass and the Princeton University Art Museum.

While some collectors of Lalique will bid hundreds of thousands of dollars for authentic, older pieces (signed “R. Lalique” before his death in 1945), others like Javier Elizondo, who collects Lalique, Mosser, Murano, Baccarat, and other types of glass, claim that it’s aesthetics, not age, that draws them in.

“There’s a lot of variety with Lalique glass. Older pieces are irresistible to a lot of collectors, but that’s not the case for me. I always look for the shapes and styles that appeal to me – I don’t collect to invest; I just love to be surrounded by beautiful objects,” admits Javier.

As art glass can be extremely pricey, Javier searches for good deals. That’s where he finds Invaluable to be particularly handy. “Most of the newer items that Lalique comes out with today are very expensive – sometimes selling for as high as $75,000 in places like New York or Las Vegas. If it was not for Invaluable and the keyword alert feature, I could never have found what I’ve found for the amount I paid.”

Javier also closely follows auction houses and galleries like James D. Julia, Doyle New York, Clars Auction Gallery, Simpson Galleries, and Great Gatsby, many of which are likely to auction off what he’s looking for in large estate sales. “If there’s no other bidder that wants what I want, I could get items like Lalique glass pieces for ‘pennies’ compared to their intrinsic value.”

The Collector’s Eye

Javier Elizondo’s display case that includes Lalique glass works purchased on Invaluable.
Photo courtesy of the collector

With a current collection of about 12 Lalique glass items on display in his home, most of which were purchased on Invaluable, Javier said he’s now searching the site for newly released sizes of the “Tourbillons” or “whirlwind” shape (if he were to buy it in a retail store, it could easily cost him over $10,000).

Javier’s “Tourbillons” Lalique piece, purchased on Invaluable. Photo courtesy of the collector

Javier has also got his eye on a few upcoming Lalique items on Invaluable, including a uniquely shaped Lalique crystal roses bowl as well as a frosted Lalique vase (shown below, respectively), the latter of which he says is exquisite in the way it appears to reflect light and color.

Lot 110, Lalique Crystal Roses bowl, Nest Egg Auctions (March 26)

Lot 38, Lalique frosted and opalescent glass vase, Lyon & Turnbull (April 6)

Other interesting works of Lalique glass available on Invaluable reflect vibrant colors and intricate designs in decorative plates, opalescent dishes, and beautiful glass celebrations of sea life.

Lot 53, Lalique Flamme crystal vase, Bruce Kodner Galleries (March 26)

Lot 47, Poissons opalescent glass dish, Lyon & Turnbull (April 6)

Lot 225, Lalique Actinia vase, Sotheby’s Australia (April 6)

Lot 43, Ormeaux frosted amber glass vase, Lyon & Turnbull (April 6)

Lot 117, Lalique Saint-Emilion frosted relief vase, Royal Crest Auctioneers (April 10)