Hot Art and Antiques to Keep Summer Alive

As the end of summer nears, we’re searching for ways to stay steeped in hazy summer days all year long. For whatever persona the sunniest season brings out in you – the beach bum, the sailor, the traveler, the stay-cationer, or the social butterfly – our editors have selected top summer picks for nearly every taste and occasion. See the inspired objects that made the cut below.

For the Beachgoer

Whether you spend your summer on the shores of Capri or Cape Cod, an idyllic seascape never fails to take us back to our favorite summer destination. Our picks this month include two children playing in a stranded rowboat and the bustle of a vibrant Rockport vista.

Montague Dawson

Lot 2013, “The Race” by Montague Dawson, oil on canvas, James D. Julia (August 25)

Alexis Fournier

Lot 197, “While the Tide is Out” by Alexis Jean Fournier, oil on canvas, 1924,
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 27)

William Glacken

Lot 1120, “Rockport, Mass 1936 No. 3” by William James Glackens, oil on board,
James D. Julia (August 24)

For the Boater

As one of the earliest modes of transportation, boating has evolved over time from its beginnings as an arduous necessity for long-distance travel to the leisurely pastime it is today. The tradition of boating has long been a subject of fine and decorative arts, with countless nautical objects that celebrate the seafaring sport available in the market today.

Cigarette case

Lot 947, cigarette case by Bernhard Bergholtz, 1920s-1930s, 875 silver,
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 28)

Thomaston Ship Model

Lot 107, mahogany and glass cased boardroom model on stand, The Great RMS “Mauretania,” built
for Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Ltd. Wallsend-on-Tyne, UK.
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 27)

Fine carved ship figurehead

Lot 2056, fine carved ship’s figurehead
of a young woman, mid-19th century, James D. Julia
(August 25)

Patriot eagle-carved paddle box

Lot 2057, patriotic eagle-carved paddle box lunette, mid-19th century,
oak with paint and gilding, James D. Julia (August 25)

For the World Traveler

Summer can often inspire a sense of adventure and invoke our inner explorer. With some of the world’s most coveted decorative art originating from the Middle East and Far East Asia – including examples of Persian rugs, Chinese porcelain, and countless other antique and modern treasures – we’ve selected some of our top picks from around the world, sure to pique the interest of the summer explorer and have you planning your next adventure.

Japanese vases

Lot 232, pair of fine Japanese mixed metal vases by Atsuyoshi Ikko Dou,
c. 1880, bronze with silver, gold & copper inlay,
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 27)

Porcelain plaques

Lot 3660, pair of porcelain plaques by Wang Dafan,
Republic Period, China, porcelain in wood frames,
James D. Julia (August 26)

Kashan rug

Lot 2028, Kashan oriental rug, mid-20th century, James D. Julia (August 25)

For the Stay-Cationer

Are you more of a homebody looking to liven up your home décor? These unique objects – including an early 20th century weathervane and a whimsical bronze sculpture – just might help inspire the next redesign of your favorite interior (and outdoor!) space.

Girl with Roller Skate

“Girl With Roller Skate” by Abastenia St. Leger Eberle, bronze,
James D. Julia (August 24)

Stag weathervane

Lot 2034, large leaping stag weathervane by E.G. Washburne & Co., early 20th century,
molded copper, James D. Julia (August 25)

Art Pottery

Lots 1412-1438, Art pottery (26 lots) by Brother Thomas Bezanson,
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 29)

For the Summer Socialite & Garden Party Host

Whether you’re entertaining guests or searching for your own backyard retreat, show your garden some love as summer turns to fall. These unique pieces will ensure your landscaping is the envy of the neighborhood.

Faience water fountain

Lot 3025, art pottery faience water fountain by Rookwood,
sculpted pottery, James D. Julia (August 26)

Wicker garden furniture

Selections from lots 3000, 3002, 3003, and 3006 of Victorian-era wicker garden furniture,
James D. Julia (August 26)

Tiffany & Co. Asparagus Tray

Lot 625, Tiffany & Co. sterling silver footed asparagus tray and two-handled liner, c. 1890s,
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 28)

Garden settees

Lot 557, Two curved white garden settees made by the Weatherend Company of Rockland,
Maine, #5490, Thomaston Place Auction Galleries (August 28)

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