‘Tis the Season For a Joyful(ly Kitsch) Thanksgiving

Let’s face it: when we think of holiday decorations, Thanksgiving probably isn’t the first to come to mind. Always in the shadow of Halloween and the December holidays, Thanksgiving usually gets short shrift when it comes to holiday décor. Let’s make this year, though, the one where we rethink how we can make our decorations as dynamic and delectable as the Thanksgiving dinner spread – and perhaps even more fun! To give you some inspiration, we’ve pulled together some of the most kitschy-yet-fun, loud-yet-lovely, vintage Thanksgiving-themed accents so that you can start brainstorming how to bring some extra joy to your holiday this year. 

Dazzling Decor

Antique Thanksgiving Postcards

While an original Norman Rockwell might be a bit over-the-top for your Thanksgiving décor, vintage Thanksgiving-themed postcards can make for equally heart-warming additions to your holiday décor. Kitschy and colorful vintage postcards could be framed and added to fall display in your home, or they could be scanned and transformed into invitations or name cards for those planning on joining you at the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Decorative Art

Add some additional funky flair with cute accents around your home that remind of fall. An ornate vintage glass or ceramic cornucopia or some ostentatious vintage candles in the shape of pilgrims, pumpkins, or turkeys are sure to magnify the mood as you welcome Thanksgiving guests to your home.

It is not Thanksgiving unless there are pumpkins! Just like in nature, kitschy pumpkins can be found in all shapes and sizes. Mix and match between brilliant blown glass or gaudy gold pumpkins to add some extra cheer to your space.  

Setting a Showy Table

Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving” as well as turkey-themed dishes to decorate your table. If you want to go all-in, a full set of showy turkey china can be adorable. Those who want just a taste of turkey, though, can opt for a vintage platter to serve as a playful pop for your table’s centerpiece.

We can probably all agree: too much turkey is never a good thing. Continue the fun of your Thanksgiving decorations by thinking outside the box but within the fall color palette. For example, a frilly set of vintage cranberry glass serving pieces or vintage amber glass drinkware can add warmth to your table while also pulling your holiday décor together.

Tastefully Tacky Toys

Vintage Turkey Toys

Equal parts décor and entertainment, vintage and antique toys are sure to delight. Antique turkey pull toys come in all colors and sizes – and some still work, flapping their wings as they roll along! These dear tin toys recall an earlier, simpler era of toy design that can spawn some great Thanksgiving table talk.

Fun and Fashionable Flair

As the old saying goes: never forget the hostess! Take the holiday of thanks to give some to yourself for a job well done. Not only have you volunteered to host Thanksgiving, but you’ve taken your decorations to the next level by adding in some whimsical wonder. We’re not necessarily talking a bejeweled brooch that breaks the bank. Rather, a spirited vintage rhinestone brooch or delicate pair of earrings can give you some personal flair that complements your delightful decor. 

That said, if you want to take the turkey theme literally, then there’s plenty of jewelry to help you accessorize…

Find Your Fun This Thanksgiving Holiday

Remember: there are no rules when it comes to decorating for the Thanksgiving holiday, so feel free to get creative! Given the incredible array of vintage fall and Thanksgiving-themed serveware, décor, and other diverting ephemera available at auction, you can carve out your own kitschy array of Thanksgiving treasures. Whether it’s glittery and gaudy or brassy and bold you prefer, here’s wishing you the most joyfully kitsch Thanksgiving yet!