Wall Clocks to Fit Your Design Aesthetic

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash.

By: Bob Ellis

Wall clocks can complete any type of decor, from classic to modern, traditional to rustic. Often, a unique wall clock is displayed as a centerpiece, bringing together a room’s colors or theme. In fact, there’s rarely a room where a decorative clock would be out of place.

From a vintage wall clock to a modern cuckoo clock, there is definitely an object that fits your unique style and decor. Below, discover which wall clock best suits your aesthetic.

The Traditionalist

Left: Diminutive Black Forest Carved Linden Cuckoo Clock, late 19th or early 20th century. James D. Julia (February 8); Right: Oversize French relief-carved clock, walnut, 19th century. Sold via Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery (January 2018).

Vintage and antique wall clocks can elevate the status of a room due to their fine craftsmanship and hand-detailed designs. These pieces are all about nostalgia. They often have a higher price point, but have longevity and are true conversation starters because of their regal or rustic appearance.

Left: Scottish Rosewood Brass Inlaid Wall Clock, R. Miller, Leith, 19th century. Lyon & Turnbull (January 31); Right: A Spanish wall clock, late 19th century. Sold via Duran Arte Y Subastas (January 2018).

Whether it’s a cozy living space for everyday family events or a lounge meant purely for relaxation and unwinding, a traditional wall clock is the perfect thing to help pull a room together.

The Modernist

Nothing is more modern than the digital clock; however, choosing a modern clock doesn’t mean your only option is digital. Modern clocks are chosen for their versatility. They can be ornamental  or oversize, and have the power to change the mood of any room.

The Do-It-Yourself-er

DIY Cuckoo Clock by Bavarian Clockworks.

Whether it’s simple, small, or decorative, a do-it-yourself clock allows the creator to infuse their own style. The great thing about DIY wall clocks is they can take any color or form. A DIY project is also a great addition to a child’s bedroom. These clocks are fun and expressive, and kids love having the opportunity to create the type of decor they want.

The World Traveler

World travelers and frequent flyers might not be in one place for too long, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a good wall clock.

There are many clocks designed with landmarks and destinations as backdrops, but a real world traveler doesn’t really need a wistful image of a beach somewhere far away. A jetsetter needs to know what time zone they are in. Keep track of your current location, your favorite city, and your friend’s favorite city at the same time with a creative terminal wall clock display.

The Minimalist

Arne Hovmand-Olsen, teak clock with interior cabinet, 1960s. $2,000 via Sitta Gallery.

Minimalists love clean lines and binary opposites. Black and white make up a great deal of minimalist decor, which is why oversize wall clocks are a staple. These clocks come in abstract sizes and sometimes in fun colors, but they always have a sleek, sultry design that can complement any minimal living space.

The Environmentalist

The environmentalist loves to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and they love it even more when their decor can reflect their values. Wall clocks for environmentally-friendly homes are unique because they often use unconventional or recycled materials. In this case, it’s less about what a clock looks like and more about how purposeful the use of materials is.

The Animal Lover

Lot 1491: Black Forest Carved Cuckoo Clock, pine, late 19th or early 20th century. James D. Julia (February 8).

Wall clocks featuring animals are as plentiful as they are creative. Often used in children’s decor, animal motifs can be a great theme on which to base a room. There are an abundance of options available for older animal lovers, as well. When sprucing up a room, look for clocks that have unconventional animals or are made with interesting materials. These objects are sure to be conversation starters.

Wall clocks are a great way to show off your unique style when decorating. What style will go best in your living spaces?

About the Author

Bob Ellis is an e-commerce entrepreneur and owner of Bavarian Clockworks, an online store that sells authentic German cuckoo clocks.