How to Decorate Your Home Like a Wes Anderson Film Set

vintage maroon velvet couch against a grey wall with gold candle holders on each side

Over the past two decades, Wes Anderson’s mastery of mise en scène, or the arrangement of objects and scenery to set a mood in a performance piece, has enabled him to create some of the most visually-stunning, whimsical films of all time. Even those unfamiliar with the Texas-born director have undoubtedly come across some piece of fashion, design, or decor inspired by his work. His films, whose vibrant and eccentric characters are accompanied by equally lively sets, are all the more exciting to those with a passion for art and design and a love of color.

For those inspired by his films, evoking Wes Anderson style is the perfect opportunity to incorporate uncommon acquisitions and decorative works into your space. Channeling Wes Anderson style grants you the ability to showcase unique prints and paintings while integrating vintage objects and calling upon household items to stand alone as focal points. Below are tips to help you transform your living space into one of Wes Anderson’s eye-catching movie sets.

Wes Anderson Style Tips

There are countless ways in which you can incorporate Wes Anderson style into your home and surroundings. Referred to as the “King of Symmetry,” Anderson utilizes one-point perspective and monochromatic color palettes that allow for visually-stunning creations that beg to be replicated.

1. Choose a memorable color palette

Almost every Anderson film is defined by a unique color palette that gives each story a distinct feel and emotional response. From the neutral browns used throughout Fantastic Mr. Fox to the stark reds and magentas of The Royal Tenenbaums, each palette creates a completely different aesthetic. You can reproduce the same look in your living space by choosing a distinctive color and decorating with variations and complementary shades.

2. Rethink everyday objects

Anderson handpicks every last object featured in a set. In The Royal Tenenbaums, Margot uses a pink princess phone to symbolize her young-at-heart spirit. By carefully selecting everyday, prosaic objects that are visually-striking outside of everyday use (like Margot’s phone), you can add personal touches that make your space reflective of your individual taste. Look for objects like kitchen utensils, radios, and even toothbrushes that spark your interest and brighten your space. Every detail should be well thought-out and executed.

3. Add bold wallpaper and playful patterns

One of the easiest ways to add color and personality to a room is with eccentric wallpaper. Consider using bright, vibrant wallpaper in bathrooms, living rooms, or as accent walls throughout your house. Many of the sets in Anderson’s films utilize quirky wallpaper patterns and designs. Look to the diamond-patterned train car interior in The Darjeeling Limited as inspiration.

4. Frame unexpected art

With a little inspiration from The Royal Tenenbaums’ hand-painted, wall-lined portraits, and add framed art wherever possible. Hang vintage photographs and paintings you’ve collected over the years. Make sure to mix and match frames, colors, and styles for an eclectic mix. You can also add color and texture with bold, unexpected frames. The blend of traditional and quirky is what Anderson captures exquisitely in all his films.

5. Incorporate vintage items

Don’t be afraid to combine pieces from different decades. To really master Anderson’s style, shy away from anything that looks too predictable and uninspired. Call upon vintage pieces (both subtle and bold) to create an alluring juxtaposition between antique and modern furniture.

6. Select statement furniture

Statement pieces are a great way to make your room pop. Select objects that reflect your personality, but that also enhance the aesthetic of your room. Colorful couches, patterned rugs, and other bright furniture create an anchor that can set the tone for an entire room.

7. Add a record player

Records are a common theme in Wes Anderson films. Both Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums feature scenes involving characters listening to music on turntables. You can easily recreate these scenes by setting up a record player anywhere in your home. Not only does it add a retro touch, but it might just inspire you to start a vinyl collection of your own. To embody the Wes Anderson style, look for albums from The Rolling Stones, The Clash, and other classics.

Wes Anderson Movie Inspiration

If you love a particular Wes Anderson film, look no further than the set decorations for color palette and style inspiration. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite sets to emulate in your own decor.

Those inspired by the works of Wes Anderson can adopt his aesthetic to create an eccentric, vibrant, and creative living space. His signature style calls for bright colors, bold furniture, and works of art placed in unexpected ways throughout a space. Using these tips, you can make your home as visually-appealing and memorable as Anderson’s most elaborate movie sets to date.

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