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Bordeaux Blanc

While Bordeaux is most famous for its reds, whites from this storied region are coming into their own. Imagine a floral nose with a round mouthfeel, and intense flavors like orange zest and stone fruits. Bordeaux blancs are most often found as blends.

Sweet Sauternes wines are a popular example of white wines from Bordeaux, made from a blend of sauvignon blanc, muscadelle, and sémillon grapes. There is also a regional classification of Bordeaux supérieur blanc. Other, lesser-known white grapes found in Bordeaux blanc blends are mauzac, ugni blanc (commonly used to make Cognac), colombard, ondenc, and merlot blanc.

Bordeaux blancs predominantly feature sauvignon blanc wine. This results in a drier style than its counterparts in California or New Zealand.

Quick Facts

  • Sauvignon blanc is the second most widely planted white grape in Bordeaux, trailing only behind sémillon
  • The amount of red wine grapes grown in Bordeaux is six times that of white wine grapes
  • Château Margaux is the most famous producer of Bordeaux blanc with its pavillon blanc, featuring all sauvignon blanc grapes

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