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Boston Red Sox Apparel

Whether it’s their longtime rivalry with the Yankees or the fact that they’ve won multiple World Series Championships in the 21st century, the Boston Red Sox have major appeal in the baseball world. Like most ball teams, the team has changed uniforms many times since their founding in 1901. Game gear was not actually red until 1908, when a red-colored sock logo and letter “B” appeared on jerseys.

That same year, players’ socks went from blue to red, and the name “Red Sox” replaced the name “Boston Americans.” Through history, the team has alternated red and blue lettering on jerseys, although blue caps with an ornate red “B” logo have remained. In recent years, uniform and fan wear changes have followed major events. Coincidentally, all event-based apparel is considered highly collectible.

In 2007, the club sported green uniforms to commemorate Celtics coach Red Auerbach and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The following year, the team wore green again to celebrate the Celtics' victory over the Lakers. After the Boston Marathon bombings, the team hung a custom jersey in the dugout, lettered it “Boston Strong,” and numbered it 617, the Boston area code.

Quick Facts

  • To see a display of Red Sox uniforms through the years, visit Baseball Hall of Fame’s searchable database, “Dressed to the Nines”
  • In 1997, the Red Sox wore the same uniform style as the ones designed in 1908
  • After a historic 2004 World Series win, some Red Sox fans wore t-shirts with the phrase, “Now I Can Die In Peace.” The win marked the end of the mythical, “Curse of The Bambino”

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