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Boyd Glassware

A contemporary crystal designer, Boyd's Crystal Art Glass first opened its doors in late 1978 and is still in production today. Though all Boyd glass is treasured, its vintage lines are most compelling for today's collectors.

Boyd's began as the Degenhart Crystal Art Glass company in 1947 in Cambridge, Ohio. It was originally operated by John and Elizabeth Degenhart, but by 1978, both founders were deceased. Father and son pair Bernard C. and Bernard F. Boyd stepped in and purchased the company. Though they renamed it for themselves, they upheld the traditions initiated by the Degenharts, reusing several popular molds and adhering to the strictest standards of craftsmanship.

From small glass beads to decorative figurines and elegant bowls and vases, Boyd's Crystal Art Glass company embraced bold colors, innovative treatments, and unconventional subject matter. For collectors, Boyd glass offers a range of vintage pieces that are both whimsical and worthwhile additions to the heritage of American glassmaking.

Quick Facts

  • Follow the company's establishment in 1978, virtually all Boyd pieces are marked with a letter B within a diamond. They add a line to the diamond shape every five years to help collectors identify with more precision the year in which their piece was created
  • One of Boyd's most celebrated designs is the Chick Salt, a covered salt cellar with a lid in the shape of a chicken, a design from the original Degenhart molds
  • Many of Boyd's most popular pieces were made from vaseline glass, which has added uranium for coloration. While it has minimal impact on the color of the glass under normal light, it will fluoresce when placed under a UV light

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