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Breant Pocket Watches

Born in Paris in 1753, Jacques-Pierre-Thomas Bréant developed a passion for watch works early in his career, becoming master of his own watchmaking workshop in 1783 on Rue Saint Martine. He opened his own boutique in the Palais Royale a few years later. His clientele consisted of only the most aristocratic members of French society, and thus his designs exuded luxury.

The pinnacle of Parisian perfection, Bréant epitomized the most cutting edge and coveted timepieces of the late 18th century, from dazzling pendulum clocks set in gold and accented with porcelain details, to elegant pocket watches. Bréant partnered with some of the most respected case makers of the age, and continued to create spectacular timepiece designs until shortly before his death in 1807.

Quick Facts

  • Included among Bréant’s illustrious clientele were: the Duke of Orléans, The Countess of Faudois as well as the Countess de Vascoeil, and the Marquis of Laval
  • Bréant patented a clock design for Paris’ National Column, most likely the Place Vendôme Column, in 1801. It is unclear, though, whether he was able to implement this plan
  • So opulent were Bréant’s designs that they drove him into bankruptcy, twice (once in 1768 and again in 1788)

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