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Browning Superposed Shotguns

The Browning Superposed was one of the earliest over-and-under shotguns ever designed. While the weapon was not produced until 1931, it was patented in 1923. The Browning Superposed was the first over-and under-shotgun that was successful. It is still produced to this day. The Browning Superposed proved to be an incredibly popular firearm and was relatively affordable for the working class.

The Browning Superposed shotgun was originally produced in 12 gauge, 28 gauge, and 20 gauge. Later, a .410 bore was produced. The Browning Superposed quickly became a favorite of bird hunters and skeet and trap shooters due to its single sight plane. The Superposed features positive ejectors as well as a single trigger with a barrel selector.

The Superposed is currently in production and has been produced in a wide variety of configurations. The Superposed is still a popular shotgun and continues to be produced for Browning in Belgium.

Quick Facts

  • The Superposed was John Browning’s last design and was ultimately finished by his son, Val Browning
  • The Superposed shotgun has been produced with barrel lengths of 26, 28, 20, and 32 inches
  • The original Browning Superposed was produced with 70 individual parts and 155 hand-fitted assemblies

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