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Cabinets, Armoires & Cupboards - General

According to the old adage, there's a place for everything and everything's in its place. This invariably conjures the idea of storage. To meet our seemingly endless need for places to put things, shelving, drawers, and cubby holes have for centuries been fitted into cabinets, armoires and cupboards.

Antique cabinets are believed to have evolved from the rudimentary chest. Early versions were little more than front-opening chests placed on top of a table, stand, or chest of drawers. The china cabinet from distinguished American brand Drexel is an example of a traditional and functional cabinet.

Armoires, depending on style, can create an atmosphere that is formal and traditional or casual and modern. Because they can be made large enough to hold virtually anything behind their doors, armoires are adapted for use today as closets, entertainment centers, and bars.

Cupboards, the forerunners to built-in kitchen cabinetry, act as stand-alone pantries. The Welsh cupboard is also used for food preparation, entertaining, china display, and textile storage.

Crafted in a variety of styles and range of materials, cabinets, armoires, and cupboards all make life at home a little more beautiful and accessible.

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A French mahogany Louis Philippe Cartonnier C 1860
Mar 22, 11:00 AM EDT
A French mahogany Louis Philippe Cartonnier C 1860
by Kamelot Auctions
Est: $500- $700
$3000 Bids

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