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Canadian Inuit Drawings

Canadian Inuit drawings are celebrated by collectors for their unique aesthetic that reflects the rich history and artistic sensibilities of the indigenous peoples of the arctic. Beginning around the mid-20th century, the artwork of the Inuit peoples emerged as a welcome addition to the canon of Western art, and has continued to grow in popularity to present day. While Canadian Inuit drawings are largely figurative, examples of more abstract styles abound, beginning with the work of artists such as John Pangnark in the early '50s.

Traditionally, Inuit drawings relate anthropomorphic and totemic visions of animal life and humans, which are often portrayed in a state of coalescence or transformation. Drawings from this region typically focus on the native fauna, including killer whales... Read more

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Inuit carved soapstone sculpture, Eskimo at Igloo 1974

April 7, 2018, 9:30 AM EST
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

$125 (starting bid)

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