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Cartier Ball Point Pens

Cartier, the famous jewelry company, expanded its line of writing instruments in 1929. Looking for other revenue streams to make up for the bad economy and internal political problems, Cartier began manufacturing items that were more affordable to the public, including several lines of pens. When ballpoint pens became the standard after World War II, Cartier produced these as well.

As with all of its products, Cartier ballpoint pens are designed with high-quality parts and luxury casings. Many of Cartier's ballpoint pens have a palladium finish, and some are trimmed in silver, gold, or platinum plating. Vendome, Diabolo, and Roadster are a few of the ballpoint pen brands that Cartier collectors seek.

Cartier has also produced many special designs and limited edition ballpoint pens. The Cartier Bamboo ballpoint pen, The Panthere pen, and the Diabolo Rock n Roll Glitter Guitar pen are a few examples. Collectors prefer to find Cartier pens in excellent to mint condition with original boxes and papers.

Quick Facts

  • A limited edition aviation-themed Cartier ballpoint pen with a vintage Airline International logo sells for more than $3,000 in mint condition
  • The Cartier Ladies ballpoint pen is 4 1/2 inches long, rather than the typical 5 inches. The pen features gold rings around the bottom of the cap and near the end as well as a blue sapphire on the top
  • A 1989 numbered Pasha de Cartier ballpoint pen with a gold-plated cap and a diamond-set clip and finial sold at auction in 2014 for $992

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