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Cartier Scarves & Wraps

In addition to priceless jewels, some of Cartier's most celebrated accessories are printed foulard. With the latest in Cartier scarves and wraps, the luxury brand is doing its part to revive these emblematic banners of chic that were once an integral part of the female wardrobe.

Cartier scarves are incredibly adaptable, earning a reputation as practical shape shifters. They can be worn in a number of different ways, including as a purse, halter, or sarong. Many view Cartier's silk scarves and wraps as the ideal year-round accessories due to their stylishness as well as the versatility of their natural fabric. Their fibers tend to stay warm in winter as fibers expand with the cold and cool in summer when fibers contract.

The value, luxury, and all-purpose nature of Cartier scarves and wraps make them popular auction items. Vintage Cartier scarf pieces are especially sought-after.

Quick Facts

  • Around 2600 B.C., the Chinese invented silk and kept their silkworm discovery a secret for hundreds of years under threat of painful death. It wasn't until several centuries later that jacquard looms in workshops in Lyon, France began producing densely woven silk finery
  • A vintage Cartier silk scarf in its original box sold at a 2015 Lots Road Auctions sale in the UK for £200
  • In 2012, a rare Must de Cartier silk and wool blend shawl wrap sold on eBay for $475

Recommended Items at Auction

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Oct 19, 10:00 AM EDT
by The Benefit Shop Foundation Inc.
Est: $100- $220
$604 Bids
Cartier Vintage Silk Motif Scarf
Oct 09, 7:00 PM BST
Cartier Vintage Silk Motif Scarf
by James Auctioneers London
Est: £85- £200
£800 Bids

Sellers Who Sell Cartier Scarves & Wraps

The Benefit Shop Foundation Inc.

The Benefit Shop Foundation Inc.

James Auctioneers London

James Auctioneers London